I was eating a Hunts Snack Pack chocolate pudding the other day sitting at our kitchen table  after my lunch. I usually have an apple or banana as I'm trying to eat healthier but I lost my willpower and had a craving for some chocolate pudding. This was sugar free so I didn't feel too guilty about eating two cups.

My daughter was drinking some milk I had bought just a day ago from the supermarket around the corner. .  She said, "dad, the milk tastes  funny." The date on the milk was still good for another week. She smelled the milk and said it was sour. I put the container under my nose and also could tell it was sour. She said I should return it and show them the proof. As I took another sniff, I spit up some pudding right into the milk carton. "What am I going to do now", I said. "The pudding is in the proof."