Social media is like a deep ocean of useful elements which has no end. It was introduced among people for the convenient communications with friends and relatives, which have now gradually changed into the business conversations. Now, social media has become a business station for many youngsters to market their product without investing a single penny on it. While according to the different point views of some people, it is a trend which will disappear after some time. There are more than 2 billion active users of Facebook but not all users are the buyers of same products. Social media is following some marketing strategies of a product which matters most for an entrepreneur on social media because the competition is vast on this platform. It needs a proper plan that will work beyond the expectations of the customers and the opponents. The entrepreneur must understand the audiences and target them according to the type of their selling product. While the best customer services will help to generate the possible business on the social media. It is not a small platform to market the product. It needs some effort to choose a best social networking site which is used by most of the people.

• Not A Dream Of One Night

One of the essential things that are necessary for the social media marketing is the promotion of the products. Additionally, the popularity of a product among people need some time because this can work in a single night. As everyone knows social media is increasing its availability through different social sites. An entrepreneur must ensure whether he has chosen the suitable platform for its product selling or not. Every social site has its own specialty and these all promote the products by following different ways. In order to promote the products, some of the entrepreneurs try innovative ideas which define the product on the next level. 

Further, the use of social media will help to reach thousands of people in a short span of time. Famous brands usually post the content on their official account so that the customers will easily get to know about the latest product. Promoting a content of a brand or a product of an entrepreneur is same but they can be popular among people by different mediums.

• Top Most Sites For Marketing

Instagram, Pinterest and snap chats are all about the use of photos and videos. Before some time Instagram and Snapchat have introduced the option of messages but people mostly use it for posting and commenting on images. These can only manage by the phone because this is entirely based up on the camera. Now, many of the people are using Instagram and Pinterest for promoting their products among the people. 

 Alternatively, facebook and twitter are the top social sites which have billions of active users and it is easy to target the customers and gain business from it.  It becomes easy to target the celebrities on social media and use them for the marketing purpose. There are many entrepreneurs who are using this strategy to acquire more business and sale of their product. Moreover, youtube is one of the best social networking sites which are totally based on the videos. People always think that Youtube will bring them the maximum business but the possibilities are slim.

• Relationship With Buyers Is Mandatory

Social media forms a unique bond between the customer and the entrepreneur by the direct communication which we cannot found it on the traditional selling of any product. Respect of the customers is the crucial thing for the entrepreneur; customers are the key of the door to the success in the global market.   A dealer will stay in touch with his customers to satisfy them till he will not receive his parcel. After all, this, feed back of the customers are also necessary for the improvement and know the worth of their work by their customers.

• Common Marketing Strategies

Facebook pages, accounts on twitter and youtube channels are the identical way of marketing the products on social media. It seems like an easy task to get audiences on social media but in reality, it is the difficult things to experience. Similarly, it is common place for every other entrepreneur to promote their product but the way of presenting their product will make it unique from others. In addition, the use of keywords and mentions in any content will help to reach targeted audiences who are authentic and serious buyers for them.

In conclusion, social media is a convincing platform to start up a business for the new comers without doing any investment. It only required a perfect plan for the marketing of the product to make it well-known among people. It helps to target the audiences but obviously, this is a long process and it is not possible to achieve success over night by it. On the other side, valuing the customers and listen to their feedback in a positive way is the reliable decision towards the success.  Entrepreneurs give preferences to their customers and work according to them to make their place.  It is important for the entrepreneurs to try new things which make their product exceptional in the international market with the loyal customers.

Interestingly, starting up a new business through social media is the biggest challenge for the entrepreneur. It requires awareness and patience to run new business with limited supplies.

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