Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Artificial Intelligence Association Li Deyi in 2017 China Automotive Industry Development (TEDA) International Forum, said the autopilot is the car to open their own, so the car Sensor to get the driver's license, and Level3 to obtain a driver's license is the community on the automatic driving requirements Bottom line. People on the basic requirements of the car is safe, rather than Hyun technology.

Li Deyi said people to improve the driving level is to get the driver's license three or five years, through the driving experience accumulated experience. People are so, the car is also the case, so I hope the driver can automatically drive the driver's license. And automatic driving car to get the driver's license is not by automation, is by artificial intelligence. He is bluntly, if the road is not self-learning ability of the car can not be called smart cars, at best called automatic cars. Also put forward the 'driving brain' concept, that constitutes a sensory memory fuel metering valve and different memory inside the mutual positioning, the key is the formalization of driving awareness. Driving the brain to deal with the process of driving often encounter a variety of occasional uncertainty, this is artificial intelligence. Therefore, it is necessary to study the driver more than ever, learn the driver, analyze the driver's behavior, and build the driver's intelligent agent. He said that after the wire-controlled vehicle was equipped with a sensor, it would be one of the most significant problems in the artificial intelligence era by replacing the driver's awareness with the driver's brain and getting the driver's driving skills and making the machine completely self.

For automatic parking technology, Li Deyi said that the automatic parking system is now a gimmick, to automatically parking the last mile as the first one kilometer to solve. In addition, when talking about Pressure Sensor the co-existence of autopilot to achieve time, Li Deyi that takes 75 years.