Solank is also responsible for the defensive end. He has a superior ability to fight, in the World Youth Championship in the game, he was in the midfield with each other, defender body confrontation in the upper hand. And his back to chase is also very positive, he almost did not give the other players any breathing space. These two excellent qualities, with his new club Liverpool tactical fit is quite high. In the football field, talent is not necessarily able to lead you to climb to the highest point. More important than the talent, it is your determination Brian Dumoulin Jersey. Suolanke is not a player full of the status quo, he has more lofty ambitions want to achieve. Perhaps listening to Chelsea, he can continue to be in the reserve team to do the front of the tyrannical, but this is too insignificant for the Suoluke. He is looking for more first team of the game, so he chose Liverpool. Holland left the Chelsea coach to join the three lions of the decision to let Conti feel dissatisfied Pascal Dupuis Jersey, he attached great importance to Holland's understanding of England football, that other teaching assistants can not give the same advice Trevor Daley Jersey. Finally, the club hopes that Conti pay more attention to youth training, hope he can play a more active role. In the summer of 2016, Conti faced the problem, he insisted on appointing himself to manage the youth academy Sidney Crosby Jersey, but the club insisted on retaining Nell-Bath. Conti asked the club for 100% control of the youth camp coach, if the club can not meet this requirement, then Conti will no longer pay attention to youth training.