In the new energy field after a few years of hard work, BYD finally in the product design level has been a breakthrough, with the former Audi design director, Q7 designer Iger joined the first product after the launch of BYD's future product design is expected to reborn, Into Sensor the mainstream and even leading the ranks of the design.

  Song's front face design inspiration from the traditional Chinese culture in the dragon, Iger in the concept of the dragon into the modern technology design language original 'Dragon Face' (Long Yan, Editor's Note) before the face shape, and the existing BYD The models are completely different. The use of exaggerated huge intake grille, at the same time just right to use some of the horizontal chrome, look solemn atmosphere. By the five LED lights group composed of the headlamps finishing touch, reveals a spirit, to the front face adds a sense of science and technology and future sense.

  Headlights look 'sharp', after the tail lights can be described as domineering exposed, a chrome around the bar like an eyebrows, so that the tail lights look more dignified. While the tail lights in the line design and headlights have been separated, but double L design before and after the lights echo, forming a whole. From the front face and the rear of the design point of view, Song MAX design Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and dynasty product nouns match, atmosphere, solemn, majestic, refined, not only in BYD's, on the current seven car market, Excellent for.

   As the 7 car body structure, body layout, space and function and other aspects of restrictions, the proportion of body design is not easy to grasp. Currently on the market similar to the model, either square, or long and wide uncoordinated, in short, is rare to see a people feel comfortable models. But BYD Song MAX is clearly not in this column. From the side, Song MAX body is generally divided into four parts, namely the front cabin and cockpit three rows of space, the proportion of layout coordination, visually do not feel awkward. Song MAX gives the feeling is firmly attached to the ground, as if ready to go the beast. From front to back with a waist and lower waist together, increasing the visual stability of the vehicle and a sense of depth. Especially the floating roof design, in line with the current most popular design trends, coupled with slightly under the roof ABS Sensor of the trend, the vehicle design in line with the car and SUV era car aesthetic standards. Obviously, the long and large car design is like a car, SUV general coordination, highlighting the design of the designer Iger skill.

   Currently on the market of seven models are usually the majority of business purposes, the vehicle usually focus on practicality, comfort, and rarely see with the sky, not to mention the panoramic view of the sky. So Song MAX equipped with 65-inch non-segmented panoramic sky, it seems stand out. Taking into account the Song MAX crew cabin 2/3/2 seat layout, 65-inch panoramic sky can ensure that every position of the occupants are able to enjoy the excellent lighting and roof scenery, which also shows Song MAX aimed at home market. Song MAX is not only a first-class design, vehicle interior design and material selection is also a high standard. Such as the car in the control, door, legs and other large areas on both sides of the use of slush soft interior, whether it is texture or touch are very outstanding. The use of long lines, with a strong package of double-density high-level leather seats, creating a strong atmosphere surrounded by a strong cockpit, while enhancing the luxury of the vehicle and refined sense. Including the 4G Internet-enabled multimedia system will also appear in the new car, you can download APP in the BYD APP store, easy web browsing, online shopping, audio-visual entertainment, games and Throttle Position Sensor other functions, it also integrates audio and video entertainment, Bluetooth phone, Intelligent voice control, radio, voice navigation and other functions, open the car life unlimited wonderful.

   Song MAX is Iger after graduation BYD, presided over the design of the first models, which show the product design level has reached the leading level of market segments. Excellent product design coupled with years of new energy technology accumulation, BYD will undoubtedly usher in the next few years a new outbreak period. Song MAX will open BYD's new accelerated design strategy, the future models will be sent to the design of MAX based on continuous optimization and improvement, there is reason to believe that the future design of BYD models will be more competitive.