All the ads state that the Sonnet has two microphones.  I just found out from Med-El that only one is being used.  Does anyone know why?

In the US, we are waiting for FDA approval on

-dual mics

-windblock feature Everyone is waiting on MedEl for

-Sonnet rechargeable batteries

-Sonnet 2.4 wireless connectivity devices

Some people called the SONNET an OPUS 2 with a raincoat (water resistant). Some people say they hear better with the SONNET and others the same.

That was back in late 2014. It is now over a year later and none of these new features have been FDA approved. So we wait.

Now the DL coil is interesting because it is supposed to be more efficient than the current coil. So when you upgrade to the DL coil you should see improved battery life.

please help.



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