In the past ten years, China's auto industry has been rapid development, the industrialization process is very extensive, very comprehensive, from the R \u0026 D level, the current achievements and everyone on the cause of the car loyalty expectations Sensor and tireless efforts are inseparable of. With the continuous development of economic society, people's living standards have been effectively improved, making the car this kind of transport in the community more and more widely. At the same time, with the increase in vehicle configuration complexity, electrical and electronic systems are becoming increasingly complex.

   At the same time, the cost of electrical and electronic pressure is also growing, the requirements of the electrical system optimization is also increasing. From electronic consumer goods to automotive systems, advances in technology are moving in the direction of miniaturization to achieve smaller, lighter targets, and in the view of carmakers, weight reduction is fuel efficiency and lower COZ emission standards, Current Temperature Sensor and future government regulations require the key. All new technologies, new systems require electronic / electrical architecture support to achieve. Cars need to carry more and more functions, electronic / electrical architecture will become more complex, which requires more full use of space, lighter, smaller, able to make those data transmission faster.

   At the same time, in order to deal with the future of automotive and truck increasing data processing requirements, the current major manufacturers are developing expandable electronic and electrical architecture. Although the CAN network has now begun to take on more functions, but because the future of the vehicle sensor data will be much more than now, CAN bus architecture bandwidth and throughput are relatively limited, difficult to deal with future vehicles ABS Sensor in the data stream processing, network security and 'the ultimate 'Machine learning needs. CAN bus will not be able to meet the needs of the future. So the development of the next generation of electrical and electronic architecture has become an inevitable trend.
   Grasp the future development trend of automotive electrical and electronic architecture to ensure that their own architecture will not be eliminated by the future. In order to achieve self-driving vision, sensor integration has become an indispensable key technology. But in addition to sensor integration, the implementation of the chip on the various algorithms must also Pressure Switch be further integration, in order to allow self-driving with more diverse perception and resilience