Special ceramic industry not only bring countless NGK car spark plug products, and focus on Sensor promoting higher environmental standards to meet the new NTK oxygen sensor

   The world's leading auto parts brand special ceramic industry not only bring countless NGK car spark plug products, and focus on promoting higher environmental standards to meet the NTK oxygen sensor new products to promote the automotive industry technological innovation, for the brand 80 anniversary gift.

  Since its establishment in 1936, Japan's special pottery industry to create spark plugs start, adhering to the 'quality first' brand concept, deep in the automotive industry spare parts field, with extraordinary strength to win Suction Control Valve the world's leading automobile, motorcycle manufacturers widely praised. In 2003, Japan's special pottery industry to enter the Chinese market, adhere to the brand innate ingenuity and passion, is committed to Chinese customers with high-quality products and services.

   Special Mushan Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., chairman and general manager of Mr. Matsui Toru said that in order to give users a more perfect experience, special pottery new slogan - 'burning heart' designed to show the brand 80 years And the top of the event together with the glorious history of the perfect match F1 racing demand for the ultimate performance and excellent quality, and the courage to respond to various challenges, constantly chasing dreams of faith and passion. At the same time, special pottery industry in China's auto service market, a new layout, the implementation of a series of new measures: the gradual expansion of products in the field of vehicle maintenance visibility; the global and China's own brand OEM model, faster, more accurate The price of the market into the market; the establishment of a strong distribution network, so that NGK products Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and services gradually cover all over the country; for more car manufacturers to use NTK oxygen sensor, to improve the Chinese environment and contribute.

  NGK spark plugs - racing options As an important part of the car drive, NGK spark plugs have been active in the world's top racing competitions, easy to deal with a variety of harsh environments in the technical challenges, the ultimate racing spirit has been integrated into the NGK gene and has continued. Since the 1950s, NGK has won more than 300 victories in the F1 race and 26 titles in the motorcycle sector. Special pottery industry has invited the famous Japanese racing driver Sato pondering Mr. as NGK spark plug and NTK oxygen sensor advertising spokesperson, so that 'racing choice' brand image enjoys popular support. In order to show NGK legendary racing blood, the special ceramic industry launched the Temperature Sensor 'NGK Racing Repair Challenge' series of video, showing the product as the 'racing selection' of the ultimate performance and excellent quality, and let everyone know the spark plug as an important auto parts, the same Need to be carefully maintained and replaced regularly.

  NGK in China's rapid development is inseparable from the support of partners and the majority of after-sales maintenance staff trust. In addition to NGK in addition to the international car brand to provide services, but also for the North steam, SAIC, Great Wall, Changan and other Chinese brands car manufacturers to provide ancillary products, while the independent market for the supply Pressure Sensor of the corresponding products, the maximum satisfaction of different users to repair zero Component requirements. In order to thank the maintenance staff to choose NGK spark plug, special ceramic industry for the car maintenance personnel to start a very attractive 'exchange of iridium new activities', through interactive mechanisms to develop the user's product habits, accumulated a valid user base and get real Product feedback. In expanding the distribution network, NGK will be designated throughout the country authorized sales outlets, and to small and medium-sized cities, to provide them with a strong incentive policies and sales support, and ultimately create a win-win situation.

  With the development of China's automobile industry, the increasingly stringent emission regulations and the implementation of fuel consumption standards, the market for automotive manufacturers continue to put forward new requirements, but also spare parts production technology to new challenges. Oxygen sensor is essential for the purification of automobile exhaust parts, with China's environmental regulations continue to become strict, the market for the growing demand for oxygen sensors. NTK oxygen sensor to meet the global OEM car manufacturers harsh technical specifications, for the world almost all well-known automobile and motorcycle manufacturers used in the Chinese market has broad potential for development.

  In order to better meet the higher demand for the majority of users in the automotive aftermarket, NTK has enhanced the product's environmental research and development, to contribute to improving the Chinese environment. NTK oxygen sensor market-oriented sales of the beginning of the number of models is expected to 160, of which Guangzhou Automobile ABS Sensor Honda, FAW Mazda, FAW-Volkswagen and other well-known brand model coverage as high as 70% to 80%, the future will gradually increase sales model, in order to provide Richer product selection.

  Burn the engine, lead the future. Special ceramic industry will be derived from the enthusiasm of the car throughout the NGK spark plug and NTK oxygen sensor for the source of innovation, to truly meet the Chinese market and customer needs of the technology and solutions; at the same time, special pottery and excellent partners to form Long-term strategic alliance relations, work together to Speed Sensor promote the development of new technologies in the field of auto parts development, to promote China's auto market after the industrial upgrading contribute.