Gather ‘round the swing and let Nona Debi tell you a spooky, true story. 

It all started back when I first began my transformation journey.

I had just started to realize I enjoyed teaching others ways I've learned to pickup the broken parts of life which seem really, really bad in the moment and turn them into something good. 

As I’m swinging with my little man, RJ, my mind is wondering to the times I've shared a tip with someone and this spark appears in their eyes as if a light bulb just went off in their head. This warmth of pure bliss came over my body and I new I definitely wanted to find a way to be able to do that kinda thing more often. 

Four Generations    My little man, RJ, is a very active, alert infant grandson. It is beginning to appear his motto is "Naps are for Wussy's". Sitting out back and swinging him on my lap in one of those mesh chair swings is one of the few ways I'm able to get RJ to relax and rest during the day time hours. 

He becomes extremely still as I swing back and forth. You can hear the birds chirping in the background, feel the cool breeze as you swing back and forth, back and forth. Because RJ becomes so still and relaxed, I want to be as quite as possible. 

Last week's  “swinging with RJ” moment caused me to reflect upon times in which I’ve felt the happiest and most fulfilled in my work life. Swinging back and forth in the swing I began to realize how much investing in my own personal education around the topics of marketing, mindset and influence have transformed my life over the past 6 months. 

When this journey first began, I do remember thinking I can’t afford to buy personal education products. I barley have enough to pay my bills each month. I struggled with the idea of spending money on tools to help educate myself. 

I also remembered something I read where the author said, “Successful people invest in themselves and their education. And they do it before they can afford it and that’s how they become successful.


Swinging with RJ listening to the birds, feeling the cool breeze, I’m feeling this pure bliss come over my body because more and more each week I’m helping people have light bulb moments and getting paid to do it.  One day very soon I’ll be able to totally walk away from my Flight Attendant income. 

The freaking, spooky, scary part of the story is.....these past 6 months would have passed either way. Making zero change is actually choosing. It's choosing to stay stuck.

My choice to spend money on my own personal education to learn how to turn my passions and the parts I love about my job into profit online changed the place I now am. 

I'd love to hear how this spooky, scary true story helped you. Do share with a comment. Share how this helped you or tell me your spooky, scary true story. 

Speak soon - Debi