St. Jude’s Academy has always been one of the well-respected private schools in Mississauga. St. Jude’s is renowned for an outstanding International Baccalaureate diploma program that it offers to its upper and lower school students. As part of our Primary Years Programme (PYP) evaluation and to fulfill an important International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) requirement, St. Jude’s Academy recently welcomed the IB evaluators. We are pleased to announce that after going through a holistic evaluations process, St. Jude’s Academy received top marks in all areas of the programme.

The IBO’s evaluation process is both rigorous and thorough. It is designed to appraise the written, instructed, and assessed curriculum. Members of the assessment team had the opportunity to meet with St. Jude’s faculty, student body, and parent community. They also had the chance to review the school’s academic programme closely.

Here some facts about the PYP as you consider enrolling your child into an IB school.

International Baccalaureate Schools for Children: What is PYP?

The Primary Year programme is an education system created for students aged 3-12. It is meant to prepare scholars who intend to enter the International Baccalaureate programme for high school students. The PYP allows students to become critical thinkers in an academic setting. The programme hopes to instill in its students, the ability to participate productively in the world around them as both scholars and citizens. It concentrates on the growth of a child as an inquirer, both within and beyond the classroom.


The curriculum for PYP is made up of five pillars for education. They are:

  1. Knowledge of traditional academic subjects (language, maths, science etc.) as well as the arts, and the world issues.
  2. Concepts that students will become familiar with through constant inquiry into specific subjects.
  3. Skills that students can use both within and outside of the classroom, to become productive citizens.
  4. Attitudes that will allow them to contribute to the world from an international perspective.
  5. Positive Action, which is encouraged for all International Baccalaureate students. Continue reading...

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