Here are the correct answers (in green):

  1. In what city was the first American St. Patrick's Day parade held?
    a) Boston
    b) New York
    c) Philadelphia
    d) Savannah
  2. According to a popular folk tale, Saint Patrick drove what out of Ireland and into the ocean?
    a) Snakes
    b) Rats
    c) Druids
    d) Leprechauns
  3. What trade do leprechauns traditionally practice?
    a) Cobbler or shoemaker
    b) Blacksmith
    c) Tailor
    d) Banker
  4. St. Patrick used what to illustrate the concept of the Holy Trinity?
    a) A seamroy
    b) A trefoil
    c) A shamrock
    d) All of the above
  5. Why do leprechauns wear green?
    a) Because they like the color
    b) As camouflage
    c) Because they consider it lucky
    d) Because it is the only color of dye they know how to make

And our big winner is... TrulyJupiter!

TrulyJupiter was choosen randomly from the two people who answered everything correctly. Kudos go out to bevwaleur who also answered everything correctly! 

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