Global technology leading engine fuel system manufacturer Sida resistance in China's Suzhou R \u0026 D center was formally established. The new center area of ​​about 11,000 square feet, will be with the company in India Chennai Sensor and the United States Windsor two other engineering and technology center co-operation, together to enhance the company's global engineering and technical level.
China and the whole of Asia is an important market for Sida. In 2019, China's new emission regulations will be implemented, and the OEMs will strive to improve their products to meet the requirements of the emission regulations. The first task of the newly established Sida Sun R \u0026 D center is to develop diesel common rail products that meet the 2019 emission regulations and to help customers achieve the transition from mechanical fuel systems to common rail systems by developing fuel system technology in China. And global customers get more efficient fuel system products to further reduce emissions. The work of the new center will also include the development of gasoline direct injection systems for the Asian market.
Through the joint Suzhou R \u0026 D center and Changshu plant resources, Sida resistance in the short term products from the sample stage to the production stage, China and Asia, customers will be more quickly get tailored fuel system. China has strict legal standards on both the road and the non-road, and the government's demands for environmental protection are becoming more stringent. As a leading engine Temperature Sensor fuel system manufacturer, Sida is ready for this. In cooperation with Cummins on the road. Because the new emission standards will be launched in 2019, it will be in the non-road this piece of work, the establishment of the R \u0026 D center is to prepare for this, will be here for new product development. Sida will be prepared in the engine fuel system solution to meet China's road and non-road increasingly stringent regulatory standards.
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Do the existing product design taking into account the national five and six of the emission standards, so the technical reserves are fully prepared. In the business match to make adjustments, in full compliance with China's six strict regulations. World-class hardware and excellent technology and services to help cooperate with Chinese customers. For customer needs, design and development for the needs of customers products. R \u0026 D center is not an independent existence, but integration into the entire Sida resistance R \u0026 D and production system which can help to other areas of production and market development. One is the R \u0026 D team, the second is the test team. From the investment point of view, related to the design and testing. This part of the test is very important, so far we have invested more than two million dollars, this is just the beginning, while the testing staff, including training, will do further expansion Sida resistance in Suzhou set up R \u0026 D center is in the Chinese market Expansion, but not just business and geographical expansion, with the Chinese market fuel economy Pressure Sensor and environmental requirements to improve, Sida resistance in the diesel system on China's environmental protection has also made efforts. In the future, we will also increase our investment in petrol, and we will have the confidence to introduce this technology into China and contribute to China's fuel economy and environmental protection.
From Sida's global strategy, China is an emerging market, in addition to China, Sida resistance in India also has a market. China and India as the two emerging markets in the product and the market will be part of the overlap, choose Suzhou is not only consider the Chinese market, but also take into account the Indian market. Compared to the Chinese market, India's regulations, whether it is road or non-road are lagging behind, the Chinese market research and development of products, will also formulate reserves of the Indian market, when the Indian market regulations to achieve the Chinese road Throttle Position Sensor and US road regulations, The introduction of China's R \u0026 D products to the Indian market, which is more conducive to product strategy, because to avoid duplication of research and development and investment.
Has developed a 350bar petrol pump, if the customer needs, will immediately mass production. The next step will be to develop 1000bar fuel pump, on the one hand is to meet the automotive petrochemical industry to improve the fuel economy needs, on the other hand as a forward-looking technical reserves and strategic planning. From the R \u0026 D point of view, R \u0026 D in addition to imagination but also forward-looking, to consider two aspects, one is to meet the current needs of the industry change, and second, we want to analyze what the future market needs pump, from the size, efficiency, And so we are all considering. Back to reality, to 1000bar fuel pump, for example, in the goal and research, but also taking into account the pressure of 1000bar for the pump, the corresponding engine is not able to match this pressure, and the injector nozzle can Bear such a pressure, if these do not take into account, the design of things is difficult to meet the actual needs. Therefore, whether it is R \u0026 D team, or research Pressure Switch and development of strategic decisions, always in the real and future balance between the need to advance, but not too advanced, to consider a good grasp of a degree of trade-offs.
Technological innovation is the soul of sustainable development of enterprises. Through the strong investment of technical resources such as hardware and software, regional integration and efficient allocation, Sida resistance to the Chinese market capacity and level will be improved, will also help the Chinese market customers to achieve fuel system upgrades.