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House sitting is a total travel lifestyle choice or the way to have an inexpensive break. Home and pet owners can travel more than they ever thought possible, whether for more weekend breaks or crossing continents, ticking off “must visit” locations. Imagine free, one on one pet care, wonderfully kept homes and traveling with absolute peace of mind knowing pets and homes are safe and secure with your chosen house sitter. House sitters have the company of loving pets, live as a local staying in the best free, self catering accommodation …. what's not to embrace about about this altruistic win win!

My husband John and I have been traveling the world house sitting for nearly ten years and while I may keep a few trade secrets under my hat just for the next article I am going to reveal my top five tips to help you secure that dream house sit, whether it's a weekend in London, Paris or Rome, a week in the Lake District or rural France, a month in Vancouver or Sydney or six months in Costa Rica.




  • Join a good House Sitting organisation: There are many, my preferred is www.trustedhousesitters.com simply because they are the largest house sitting org in the world which translates to more opportunities for quality house sitting assignments in over 50 countries
  • Sign up for daily e mail alerts: You can choose specific locations and/or receive notification of all new listings world wide, it's my favourite e mail of the day!
  • Design an excellent Profile: I use the word “design” to encourage flair and creativity. Tell home owners why you want to house sit, about your background, experience, any special skills and most of all about your love for animals and any practical experience caring for them, 80% of house sitting involves pet care. Be genuine, let your personality resonate through your written word. Add warm and natural photographs, especially ones with animals, a short video is a great intro and of course references and obtaining a police check is a good investment. Give the home owner that “feel good about this sitter” factor.
  • Be Patient: Everyone starts somewhere, I did. www.trustedhousesitters.com are adding more new and exciting listings every single day, your dream house sit could be in the next e mail alert you open!


Angela has been traveling the world for the past 40 years. Her career in International Marketing took her across Canada and the US and since the mid 80s has lived in Italy, N. Africa, India, Singapore and other parts of SE Asia with husband John, a Petroleum Engineer, now retired. Self-professed nomads with a shared passion for travel and animals, they continue to travel the world having adopted an affordable travel lifestyle: Pet and house sitting. Some five continents, many amazing homes and wonderful four legged friends later, Angela is the resident in-house expert, advising home owners and house sitters at Trusted House Sitters and a regular contributor to travel blogs sharing experiences of life away from the travel brochures, living like the locals. You can read more at www.housesittingperfected.com.