Still-life is an art form famous for depicting inanimate objects in an interesting way. With rich history, the art form is attracting artists and painting lovers towards it since long time. Today, India has become a great place to buy still-life art. 


Still-life art is a painting and drawing form which include the use of inanimate objects positioned in a specific way. The art form has been present in human life since many centuries and gave a variety of reasons to adopt and use it. Many people in the past use this art to depict their status, while others showed their painting skills through it. Many renowned painters also used this art form to tell the world a new way to look things around them. 


In other words still-life can also be defined as an art work where an artist uses natural or man-made inanimate subjects, like flower, vase, books, rocks, plants and various others. 



History of Still-life Art     


If all facts on still-life art have been considered, it originated somewhere in the Middle Ages and Ancient Graeco-Roman art. After that, it gained popularity and adopted by many artists around the globe. During 16th and 17th centuries, it gained special attention when it became part of Netherlandish painting. 


Today, it has become a well-recognized painting form which has been adopted by several renowned artists to showcase their painting skills and the way they look at inanimate objects around them.  Many artists in India too are known for their good work in the art form, which makes it a good option to buy still-life art in India. 


How to Buy Still-Life Art in India


India is great, cost-effective place to buy unique, yet beautiful still-life paintings. But these painting should be bought only from trusted and renowned art galleries. In addition, the painting should be art of famous Indian contemporary artists. If someone is buying paintings online, they should make sure that they are aware of the painting house and the art form they are selling. In addition, buyers should go through the seller’s website, check it authenticity and must contact it to know more about it. 


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