With the evolution of technology, the car has become a vibrant innovation platform, not only is to change the driver's experience, but also makes the real automatic driving away from us getting closer. Advanced Driving Sensor Assistance System (ADAS) is an indispensable key to this technology evolution. STMicroelectronics graphical interface configurator makes product design based on the popular 8-bit STM8 microcontrollers faster.

    STM8CubeMX supports STMicroelectronics' all-in-one low-power automotive 8-bit microcontrollers, and the new free development tools help designers choose one of the products that best fits their application needs from the STM8 product family. Designers can also develop applications directly on STM8's STM8 development board. First, configure the tool according to the configuration of the microcontroller  Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor on the selected board, and then STM8CubeMX provides multiple graphical interface tools to help complete the basic configuration of the selected microcontroller. These configuration tools include a conflict resolution pin configurator, a dynamic verification clock tree configurator and a power sequencer and a power calculator. When the configuration is complete, the tool will generate a configuration report that indicates whether the designer has requested it.

   The automotive industry is continuing to accelerate the vision of full autopilot. To help the driver quickly make the right choice; will also synchronize the computer vision engine to provide reliable data to help it in the control of the car when making a safe decision. With the increase in the number of cameras in each car and sensor fusion technology has become increasingly intelligent, from the Internet of things hardware, smart sensors, to high-performance automotive microcontrollers, and then to a variety of mass market electronic products, STM8 micro-control A wide range of applications. The STM8 microcontroller family has 125 balances from the AEC-Q100 (STM8AF / AL) product Temperature Sensor of the ultra-low power (STM8L) to the mainstream STM8S premium, basic and enhanced series. STM8 microcontrollers are the most cost-effective solution to help designers meet the application design size and power requirements, core processing performance up to 20MIPS / 24MHz, built-in maximum 128KB flash memory and 6KB RAM, peripheral interface, including ADC, DAC, , Timers, LCD drivers, DMA, AES encryption and digital interfaces, and market-specific functions. For example, automotive microcontrollers provide LIN / CAN interfaces with packaged pins from 20 to 80 pins.