Are you focusing on the doom and gloom and getting even more stressed, worried or anxious about starting or growing your business or are you focusing on and getting excited about the opportunities?  Would you like to stop feeling frustrated and anxious, and instead feel more in control?

A Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

Too many people are so focused on what they don’t want and what they want to avoid, that they miss seeing what they can have and the opportunities before them right now.  How often do you think about worst case scenarios or what could go wrong, then when it happens you say “I knew it was going to happen”?  It became a self fulfilling prophesy because it has been proven scientifically that your mind is unable to differentiate between what you vividly image and what is real.  The same applies on a larger scale in the economy.

As an economist for nine years during the 1990s, I have seen economic forecasts become self fulfilling prophesies.  When enough consumers and businesses buy into economic forecasts and adjust their behavior accordingly, the forecasts become true.  Essentially, an economy is made up of a bunch of consumers and businesses.  Both consumers and businesses adjust their spending and investment based on their level of confidence about the future.  When economic forecasts of doom and gloom abound, confidence decreases, consumer and business behavior is adjusted accordingly, and spending and investment decreases.  In contrast, when forecasts of boom times abound, confidence increases as does expenditure and investment, and as a society we create boom times.

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I recently had several interesting experiences in retail stores.  I observed how the doom and gloom attitude of the staff impacted on their behavior and on how poorly they served their customers.  Even at networking events I have observed some business owners, when asked about their business, go into a doom and gloom dialogue.  So instead of focusing on building relationships with other businesses and creating referral and cross-promotion opportunities, they completely miss those opportunities because of their obsession with doom and gloom.  They are creating their own self fulfilling prophesy – after all, who wants to do business with or refer business to negative people!

Like attracts like.  If you want to attract positive people and opportunities to you, first you need to be positive yourself!  So watch your and your team’s attitude particularly at this time.  If you lead a team, ensure that your attitude remains focused on what you want (and assist them to do the same), so that their service levels towards existing and new customers stay high.  This has become more important than before in differentiating yourself from your competitors.  With a positive attitude, you will also see and be better placed to act on opportunities as they present themselves.  Which self fulfilling prophesy would you like to create for your business?

Taking Back Control

The best way to take back control of your business and what is going on around you is to focus on what is within your control.  There are three things that you can personally control – how you think, feel and act (including how you respond to situations and people).  If you focus on other people and events or circumstances beyond your control, you may get frustrated.  When you focus on what is within your control, you feel happier and more in charge of leveraging the opportunities before you.

Here is a powerful technique to help you to focus and take action towards what you want:

1. Think about something in the future that you are unsure or worried about, e.g. a presentation, a promotion, a meeting, etc.
2. Be clear about your outcome for that event.
3. Imagine a movie screen in front of you and see yourself in the movie like an actor/actress in that future event.
4. As you watch the movie, see that event turn out exactly as you would like it to be, hear the conversations you would like to hear and feel exactly how you would like to feel.  Make sure you focus on what is within your control.
5. Notice how you now feel better about that event and now look forward to it.

Highly successful entrepreneurs and athletes use this technique to visualize a successful meeting or game.  Research shows those athletes who visualize rehearsing and having a successful game do as well on game day as athletes who have physically rehearsed and practiced prior to the game!

Imagine how much better you would feel by taking charge of your future, focusing on what is within your control, and the difference that this would make to your business growth and success!

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