It is quite fascinating to live your dream life. But what can be done when the situations are not in your favor?


You can choose to live the life in the virtual world through the amazing mobile game like Episode - choose your story. In this particular game, you can live the life that you always wanted to have.


In addition to this, you can make certain changes in it as per your preference. This way you can write your own life in a very interesting way.


Various stories are available in it and you can choose the best one according to your taste. Usually, many of us always wanted to be a character of our favorite story. Now you can make this happen in Episode - choose your story.


 You will be amazed to know the fact that there are more than fifty thousand stories from which you can choose.


 Millions of characters are there and you can also design your own special characters as well. The game is versatile and offers many creative activities to do.


Now don’t way anymore and find out the way to be popular on the internet through your interesting stories and remarkable virtual life.


 In order to be popular very soon, you can also take the help of these remarkable tips and tricks.


Different roles and characters


There are lots of roles available to choose from in episode choose your story. You should make a selection of the story as per your interest.


In order to get popular soon, you should select the stories which are more interactive. But make sure that you are meeting with the appropriate people and making circle according to your character.


 You should also unravel the different mysteries and make your character strong enough to handle the dangerous situations. Other players will also admire you for more confidence.


Look is important


The look is also very important to get popular very soon.


You should also pay proper attention to your look. For this, you should choose the latest dressing style to give your leading hero in the story an attractive look.


It is quite possible that soon you will be a symbol of fashion in the virtual world.


Earn passes and gems


The next thing is earning the episode choose your story gems and passes in this particular game. These two things are the most important for everyone.


There are many activities which you can do only if you have sufficient amount of gems and passes to move ahead. You can also use gaming guides for this.


Analysis well about story


In addition to this, you can also take the help of various stats and data about the popularity of different stories.


 There are many free additional apps available through which you can get the knowledge about the ranking, reviews, rating and other things which is important in this context.


All in all, this is a very interesting game and you must try your luck at least one.


Romance, drama and other mystery theme are quite fascinating and you can hardly find such activities in any other game.

Fewer chapters

The next thing that you should always remember is the number of chapters.  In Episode choose your story there are different writing contest conducted.

Every type of contest has its own requirement for writing a beautiful story. For example, only three to five chapters are required when you are taking part in the Summer Fling and All Hallows contest.

On the other hand, contests like adventures away and rebounding will not ask about separate chapters specifically.