This field of study often draws the attention of many students who have always been interested in the field of crimes and crime solving. Of course, the real variety of jobs criminalistics and criminal science is much broader than you might think. However, people still apply for this college because if offers a job which is secure, well-paid, and controlled by the government. It might differ from country to country, but government jobs are often better paid and you get better offers in terms of paid vacation, etc. However, this also means that you can only get a job by applying to a job post usually made by the government. If you need to come up with a good CV, try visiting folks at


Depending on how corrupt the government of your country is, you might wait a long time before a good job position opens, especially if you don’t have anyone to recommend you. Your best bet is to work as long as you can as an intern, before you gather some experience. Try to get to know people and make them notice you and they will require your services themselves.