Spring is in its full flow and summer is just around the corner, so this is the ideal time to talk regarding very renowned footwear – the driving moccasins. You admit it – but driving moccasins are the ideal summer footwear. Not just they’re beautiful in terms of look but also exceedingly versatile by nature.

Styling combination for driving moccasins:

The best thing about driving moccasins is that they avail in nearly any color you can imagine. No doubt there are costly models, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t find inexpensive ones – so there’s absolutely no obstruction if you want to buy 3 or 4 pairs at a time.

Since they’re available in a great variety of colors you have the luxury to pair them with virtually anything. You can put on them both in casual and formal occasions.

To achieve a casual look you can pair them with pants and shirt. White pants, chino pants, jeans and even suit pants are ideal to complement your moccasins. You can even show some of your ankles while folding your pant a little. Of course, driving moccasins go great with short or 1/3 pants.

Men's Laced Leather Driving Moccasins

You can also pair your driving shoes with your cotton or linen summer suit for more formal occasions. If you really wish to be a little more discernible while showing your sprezzatura fashion you can purchase them in some truly bold colors. For instance, I’ve one in purple and they look really great. Turquoise is also a great color option for driving moccasins. It’s bold in terms of look and the ideal summer color.

If you want to look more formal you can choose brown or black ones, but I like them in brighter colors. Beige is also a popular color and look fabulous on white shirt & light-gray trousers.

Buying driving moccasins:

There are 2 editions of driving moccasins – velvet looking suede ones and smooth supple leather. However, I prefer suede ones for myself. In my point of view, they just look superior and feel less casual compared to the supple leather ones. Except great feeling, they also offer great comfort while driving.

Deck Shoe Moccasins for Women

You don’t need an expensive Italian sports car to put on driving moccasins. It is the look and style of driving shoes itself that will give you a rich look.

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