Subaru, who has been working with Hitachi Automotive Systems for more than a decade, is evaluating a new camera supplier for its EyeSight driving support system, the Swedish automaker Autoliv, or as a new partner to provide a stereo camera for Subaru. Subaru evaluated the products of Hitachi and Autoliv suppliers, and the results may be finalized in two months. Subaru's EyeSight Driving Sensor  Assistance System was officially launched in May 2008 and has received the highest security rating in Japan and the United States. The company plans to upgrade the EyeSight system in 2020.
  If Subaru chose Autoliv, Autoliv, the Swedish car supplier, will open visual parts business for the first time in Japan and is likely to have an impact on Hitachi's automotive market share. Previously, Hitachi Automotive Systems was ambitious for the automotive information and security systems market, and Tokyo, the car supplier, tried to raise its market share to 10 percent and plan to reach about $ 27 billion in 2020. Almost all of the world's car manufacturers are in the intelligent driving and even automatic driving sensor technology required for R \u0026 D layout, which is bound Temperature Sensor to increase the camera, millimeter-wave radar, laser radar and other sensor market demand, but also for some related parts suppliers To the revenue growth opportunities.
  EyeSight is the first driving assistance system that uses only a stereo camera sensor, enabling obstacle detection including cars, pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles. Subaru plans to upgrade EyeSight to join the auto-follow-up feature of the congested expressway and plans to introduce fully autopilot features on the expressway, including automatic change lanes, by 2020.

   Hitachi Automotive Systems and Subaru have been working together since 2004 to develop a three-dimensional camera, a three-dimensional camera contains two or more lenses, each lens can independently capture images, in this way to form a three-dimensional image with deep information. As of the end of last year, Subaru equipped with EyeSight system, the car shipments have reached 100 million units. Subaru official cites Japanese traffic accident research and data center data show that as of the end of last year, each 10,000 support for EyeSight Throttle Position Sensor function of the car, will cause traffic accidents caused by casualties reduced by 61%. It is reported that last year, Subaru in Japan, sales of cars, 90% equipped with EyeSight driving support system. In addition to Subaru, Hitachi Automotive Systems is also a supplier of three-dimensional camera from Japan's Suzuki Motor Group. In addition to stereo cameras, Hitachi's products include automotive frequency converters, motors and brake units. Renault and Nissan two car manufacturers are Hitachi's largest two customers, about 30% of its total revenue, while Subaru is 8%.

  Autoliv is the world's leading supplier of automotive airbags and seat belts, and Pressure Switch they extend the product layout to more active safety components. The company for the Mercedes-Benz S-Series sedan to provide radar, stereo camera and monocular camera and other sensor equipment.