Driving in the car suddenly turn off, in the face of this emergency, whether it is because of failure or misuse, this time the most important thing is to ensure that the safe parking. The engine stopped working after a sudden turnout. Lost steering power. No matter what kind of steering power mode, then hit the steering wheel will become very difficult, the girl basically fixed. Brake system Sensor lost vacuum boost. The first foot brake vacuum power or there, then the brakes will be more relaxed, but if the second foot brake, brake pedal will immediately become hard, step on the fixed, the braking force will be greatly reduced. ABS, ESP and other security systems will not work, extreme cases may appear sliding, wheel lock and other failures.

Suddenly turn off after the first time to open the double flash to remind the rear of the vehicle. Automatic transmission of the vehicle to the N file, manual gear with a taxi or hanging to the N file. Hands clenched steering wheel, non-emergency is best not to play the direction. Kick the brakes in the end, slow down parking. According to the road conditions, if there is side slip, lock and other hidden dangers, the best two or three times brakes. When the vehicle in the taxi when the N gear damage to the smallest gear, especially automatic transmission vehicles, must be linked to the N file. For manual transmission, if the gear slide, the vehicle's anti-thrust has a great chance Pressure Sensor to make the engine re-ignition, and thus provide better operation. On the brakes, the first foot brake because the existence of vacuum power is certainly the most effort, the second foot brake will become very laborious, and practice has proved that step on the brakes than the feet or feet of the brake effect is better The

   After the double flash is turned on, the gears are switched to the N range, the key door is closed and reopened, and the engine is started. If the engine is started, the gears are switched to D and deceleration stops. Such as multiple attempts can not start the brakes brake parking (some automatic gear only in the P stalls when the car, ignore this step, directly on the brakes). After the double flash is turned on: the gear is switched to N, close the key door and reopen it, start the engine. If the engine starts, switch to the corresponding gear according to the current speed and speed. Such as multiple attempts can not start the brakes brake stop. Shift to the N range, close the key door and re-open, according Speed Sensor to the current speed to switch to the corresponding gear, while the point of oil, with anti-thrust with the car, the car after the slow stop. If you can not, do not try again, switch to neutral, and immediately press the brake brake stop (this operation will have some damage to the gearbox).

   Suddenly turn off the possible reasons, especially the novice, such as hanging the wrong stalls, such as the brake stepped too fast, such as oil from the problem, etc., or misuse the car key to turn off the car again. Throttle / idling motor too dirty. Occurred in the idle time, often accompanied by the engine jitter failure, start again when the light throttle to the point of oil can be a car. It is recommended to clean the throttle in time. Fuel system failure. Oil is not good, no oil, the pump burned, the oil block, the pump insurance is broken, the fuel pressure sensor is broken, etc., are possible, check the relevant parts. Ignition system failure. Including spark plug failure, ignition coil / ignition module failure, cylinder line aging, etc., check the relevant parts. Throttle, idling motor failure. Throttle, idling motor for the engine intake system important parts, can be considered more sophisticated accessories, because the throttle assembly, idling motor damage and flame, no car situation is also a lot. Generator, battery and other power supply system failure. The battery is no electricity can not be a car, the generator failure can not generate electricity, check the battery power supply, the generator is faulty, the engine belt and other ancillary parts of the existence of any problems. Throttle position sensor, intake air flow sensor, intake pressure sensor and other failures. The engine fuel injection control signal from the first two sensors to pass the signal, the intake pressure sensor is to check the Throttle Position Sensor intake manifold vacuum situation, if the sensor fails, there will be the engine can not start, flameout and other failures. Check the relevant parts, whether there is damage, poor contact and other failures. Crankshaft position sensor, camshaft position sensor failure. Is also a common fault, a monitoring engine speed, a certain engine when the ignition, as long as a failure, the engine will suddenly turn off or can not start the situation. Engine timing system disorder. Timing system calibration is wrong, the engine top valve, etc., are more serious failure, can not be a car, can only apply for rescue.