Aging is a natural part of life. Pharmacies are full of expensive creams, serums and masks that claim to be the key to youthful skin. Skip the expense and experimentation by eating superfoods with nutrients and vitamins proven to improve the signs of aging.

Glowing Skin From Pure Pumpkin

Pumpkin, as well as sweet potato, fight aging with beta-carotene. A substance called carotenoids protects the plant from the sun, and it has a similar effect on the skin when consumed. Eating as little as one half-cup of pure pumpkin a day is plenty to brighten the skin and provide antioxidants. As a bonus, it also decreases the risk of macular degeneration, various cancers, and cataracts. Enjoy a slice of pie, a smoothie or sweetened pumpkin straight from the can guilt free.

Tomato Sauce, Juice, and Raw

Lycopene is the key compound boosting tomatoes from just being good for you, to becoming a superfood. Most fruits and vegetables lose their nutrients in the cooking process, however, the opposite is true of tomatoes. Bioavailable lycopene amounts increase as they are heated to create a paste or sauce. Premature aging due to sun damage may actually be decreased from regular consumption of tomato paste, due to the increased concentration. Other great effects from increasing consumption are decreased risk of osteoporosis, lower cholesterol, and anti-inflammatory nutrients. Try to eat at least one meal incorporating tomato per day to experience the benefits of younger looking skin and a healthy, functioning internal system.

Dark Chocolate: At Least 60 percent Cacao

Sweet, milk chocolate has been the rumored cause of acne and bad skin for ages. However, dark chocolate contains a high amount of beneficial polyphenols. This compound provides oxygen and increases blood flow to the skin, improving the texture and appearance. Moisture retention from consumption is more effective than topical substances, because they do not fully absorb. Dark chocolate that is at least 60 percent cacao is safe to consume daily, but in moderation. The high concentration of calories should be taken into consideration to prevent unwanted weight gain. 100 calories per day as a small indulgence is the perfect amount to experience benefits without going overboard.

Just Your Average Eggs

Anyone concerned with existing wrinkles can increase collagen and elastin with eggs. As we age, the production of these substances drastically decreases, causing the tell-tale signs of fine lines and wrinkles. The protein content, along with anti-wrinkle amino acids in eggs fill out the face for a more youthful appearance and texture. Enjoy the food prepared in all of your favorite ways, but take care to monitor the large amounts of cholesterol that may harm the body.

Enjoy delicious superfoods to improve skin and the signs of aging naturally. Staying young and fit as long as possible is a lifetime goal that we all work hard to achieve. Modify the diet to increase the intake of processed tomatoes, egg, pumpkin and a little bit of dark chocolate.