SuperSU is the most ideal approach to oversee superuser access on your established Android tablet, telephone, and select wearables. 

SuperSU apk gives you all that you have to oversee benefits on your gadget. Need to unroot your gadget incidentally or even for all time? This application can do that! Need to change authorizations for particular applications so you can abstain from irritating segfaults and application crashes? It can do that as well! 

You can likewise "downgrade" benefits of applications that you don't trust or you simply don't need hoarding framework assets and getting to your telephone. 

Extraordinary compared to other highlights of SuperSU is the way that you can't dispatch it unintentionally; you'll need to enter in a certain code into the dialer and comprehend what you're doing to change settings and authorizations for both the framework and introduced applications. 

At last, SuperSU is an incredible approach to oversee both authoritative and application superuser consents on established Android telephones and tablets. 


Incidentally or Permanently Unroot Your Phone Need to unroot your telephone briefly or for all time? SuperSU has you secured! You can likewise "unroot" applications, so they won't have the capacity to get to higher authorizations that you don't need them getting to. 

Say Goodbye to Segfaulting Ever had an application simply crash arbitrarily? Welcome to the awesome universe of segfaults! Many accidents are caused when a program tries to peruse or write to an illicit (not permitted) memory area. Raise particular projects benefits and stop segfaults for good. 

Dispatch with Dialer Codes This application dispatches by means of the dialer to stay away from another client propelling the application coincidentally. 


Doesn't Work on All Devices Some clients have announced issues on HTC One and Redmi gadgets running the program.