It is high time to switch over to an innovative technology. Have you heard about elastic shoelaces for adults? This type of shoe lace is one of the innovative technologies in the shoelace industry. It has given us a convenient way to tie our shoes without much difficulty.  The shoelaces are made up of elastic and it gives you a rigid appearance. Moreover the elastic material brings you a perfect outlook.  It is really a useful innovation and an urgent need for this mechanical life style. Everyone is in hurry while leaving home to office or any other occasion. So wearing the shoes and tying out knots became one of the annoying processes. Now this elastic shoelace for adults has given a relief to overcome these issues. 


Hickies has introduced two versions of elastic shoelaces for adults. Hickies 1.0 and Hickies2.0 are the versions in their innovative ideas. Hickies2.0 is the updated version of Hickies1.0. Some of the features were added on with the Hickies 1.0 and resulted as Hickies2.0. In the updated version you can identify certain special characteristics like streamlined outlook, increased durability etc. It has come up with high performance level when compared to the older version. The first version is the basic model of the elastic shoelaces for adults and the next version seems to be the best.

Notable features

The elastic shoelaces for adults have unique features like high durability, adaptive, highly secured and give you a streamlined look.  It has a longer life time when compared to the traditional laces. There is an increase of 33% in the cross sectional of the strap has led to higher durability. The slimmer appearance gives you a streamlined look. It is really a comfortable and attractive wear best suit for all age groups without any regrets. 

Online shopping

You can visit the official website of Hickies to know more about its products and stocks available for the online sales.  You can witness its salient features for each and every product from Hickies. Based on your needs you can place your order in an online mode. Choose the right product and order it without any hesitation. You can receive the goods at your door steps within some specific period of time without much difficulty. Purchase in an easy mode without stepping into the store manually. 

Worthy purchase 

Make a worthy purchase with Hickies and you will not regret at any point of time. The products from Hickies are best in quality and available at affordable price tag. You can purchase for your kids too at reasonable costs. Begin your shopping with Hickies within your budget limit. I am sure you will feel the real worth in making a purchase with one of the reputed shoelace firm. Always stay connected with the official website of Hickies to know more about the offers and discounts. Be trendy and feel comfort to wear the shoes for a long run without any interruptions due to laces.