With all the promotions at ballparks,I've written to the folks over at Yankee Stadium  and Citifield about   ways to increase their attendance.   I think that cap day and ball day and umbrella day ,etc. are great  . But I've got a better idea....cat day.!! Yes-first ten thousand  fans entering the stadium get a free cat..preferably a kitten-all colors-all sizes-all varieties..and special cats for certain teams visiting...For example-when the Minnesota Twins are in town-give out Siamese cats. Now I don't want to get carried away with lions or tigers or panthers or cougars or leopards or lynxs..or is it lynxes-lets be reasonable here- just your plain domestic house cat. A lot of people will leave the ballpark with a loveable pet. 
I've also thought of having a real dog day afternoon. Who let the dogs out? Blame the Met or Yankee management. I'm talking puppies here. What youngster wouldn't enjoy leaving the stadium with a baby pit bull or doberman or german shepherd? This is a better prize than he would ever find in a box of Cracker Jacks. Again, as with cats-lets keep these animals domesticated- no Cujos, no rabid Old Yellers, just a loveable Rex or Fido to be your best friend.
When our fine feathered friends like the Orioles or Cardinals come to town....yes-give out a bird to every fan entering the ballpark in a little......you guessed it....batting cage. !!!!!