There are multiple manufacturers of printers and Canon is one of the best manufacturers of printer that are used by the millions of people around the world. Though the Canon printers are equipped with smart features and functions still it exhibits some of the technical errors and issues. However, the printer issue differs according to the model and the most occurring E5 printer error for the Canon printers denotes to a problem with an ink cartridge includes “Ink cartridge installed properly; “wrong ink cartridge installed”; the printer is not detecting the ink cartridge correctly.  In order to have more information regarding Canon printer E5 error message, avail Canon Printer Support from the experts.

Here you can find the reliable solution for the three different problems of the Canon printer-

  •  Ink Cartridge is not installed properly:

If the ink cartridge is not installed correctly then you should try to remove the cartridge from the printer and then simply reinstall it. Here you need to ensure that the printer is fully installed and snaps into place firmly.

  •  Wrong ink cartridge installed:

If there is wrong ink cartridge is installed then it is required to purchase the correct cartridge and simply install it into the printer. The cartridge of the printer is supported are usually listed on the side of the cartridge packaging.

  • The printer is not detecting the ink cartridge correctly:

It is also the possibility that the printer is not detecting the ink cartridge once you install it. The issue could usually occur if the printer is dirty. Here you should try to clean the printer and then install the cartridge again to see if this fixes the problem.


In case you need more help and support, directly contact at Canon Printer Customer Service Phone Number - (1-800-439-2178). Here you will have support under the supervision of trained and skilled technicians who are able to deal with any sort of technical glitches related to Canon printer.