If the autopilot scene is divided, it may be divided into thousands of scenes, and each scene must be fully tested, but many companies together to participate in the case, will promote the development of the entire industry faster. Domestic auto driving Sensor in the field of big events are also brewing, July 5, Baidu will release the details of the Apollo program, which can be opened to open the automatic driving platform, trying to build a rapid innovation of the ecosystem, to promote the popular driving technology Plans announced since April, sparked a great sensation and concern.

  At present, automatic driving without standardized products and services, so now the formation of the camp model, the essence is to improve the efficiency of promotion. The whole industry chain enterprises are divided into two categories, one is more traditional enterprises, such as the main engine factory, Tier One (a supplier), and the other is the background of the Internet company's new forces repairer, they More concerned about the user experience, future travel operations and services. Of course, these two categories are also integration, such as Mercedes-Benz launched car2go. At the same time, the development Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of automatic driving technology has also appeared similar to the above camp division, such as BMW and Intel and Delphi cooperation, Mercedes-Benz and NVIDIA and Bosch cooperation. At present the autopilot industry is still in the early stages, there is no general technical standards, division of labor is not clear. Cooperation between enterprises, can be more tied

  The so-called 'station side', specifically the enterprise is Baotuan cooperation. The main reason for the formation of Baotuan is that if the enterprise has mature technology and mature division of labor, then the complete technical program can be sold to other enterprises; but the current automatic driving is still in the early industry, no business can provide a complete and mature technology Program, and because Temperature Sensor of the uncertainty of the industry, GM technical standards have not been developed, while resources are limited, so the need for upstream and downstream enterprises Baotuan to jointly promote research and development and landing, can play their respective advantages while improving efficiency and reduce risk, The cooperation between the upstream and downstream enterprises will be more closely.

  Foreign car manufacturers in China to promote automatic driving, will choose a high-precision map of the service providers and service providers with the service. Baidu's Apollo program will open some code, so that companies can work together in the code, the industry will be faster forward evolution. If the autopilot scene is divided, it may be divided into thousands of scenes, and each scene must be fully tested, but the enterprise to participate in the whole industry will develop faster. Baidu in the Apollo plan before, must have been planning, and then as an open ecology, the purpose is how to let everyone together to evolve. The horizon is currently the only company in the field of automatic driving that focuses on the algorithm chip, and the algorithm itself needs Throttle Position Sensor to be integrated with other industry chains. The core is the provider of artificial intelligence, is to sell the solution, both can be provided to the supplier, can also be provided to the OEM.

The standard setting of automatic driving is not introduced overnight because a lot of things can not be foreseen. At present, the state in the test facilities, venues and standards, should actively promote the development, so that car prices can be a relatively clear framework to do a good job. The main engine factory to launch a new car has a fixed cycle, from the project to enter the R \u0026 D stage and then to the listing usually takes 3 years, so the car listed in 2020, this year began research and development; now need to explore four years after the production model is what , Which is the inherent rhythm of the industry decision. Tesla and other enterprises have now achieved Level2 auxiliary driving function, Level2 main application scenario is the automatic driving on the highway, in the high-speed road on the automatic control Pressure Switch is relatively controllable, the environment is relatively simple. In accordance with the classification of automatic driving, Level2 is Level3, most of the OEMs are planning to achieve Level 3 in 2020, automatic driving.