As the auto market is growing and competition is becoming more and more intense, it is a unique selling point for car drivers to provide safe and comfortable driving support. With the rapid development of automotive electronics, network Sensor and information technology, a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution is ready to go, intelligent network of vehicles has driven the future of automotive - intelligent network technology innovation and integration of automotive technology development trend.

    Car network and vehicle information system as a smart network of key technologies, which greatly promoted the car to the automatic driving and even unmanned driving pace. More and more Internet companies, technology Temperature Sensor companies to join the ranks of automotive intelligence and car networking, and actively participate in the innovation and innovation of vehicle companies to promote self-government and network to accelerate the integration of higher-level driving support technology gradually mature.
    Car networking into the era of intelligent networking products at the same time, companies are also facing new challenges, how to carry out landing and intelligent network? Intelligent vehicle system software platform how to develop the future trend? How does the car company's car network software upgrade and iterate? How to integrate and innovate intelligent networking technology? The salon activities Speed Sensor will be invited to the industry vehicle factory, institutions, parts suppliers, technical service providers and other gathered together for smart car car network and intelligent vehicle information system to start technical exchanges and discussions.