Market-driven, including cars, high-speed rail, consumer electronics, etc. will bring a huge market for the sensor. Take the car as an example, the number of sensors used in ordinary cars more than 100 / car, the use of high-speed cars more than 200 sensors / vehicles, in accordance Sensor with the 'new energy vehicles by 2020 to reach 5 million' national planning, new energy vehicles will be The sensor brings a huge market for rapid growth.

   The rapid development of high-speed rail will also bring huge market for the sensor. According to the national plan, by 2030 railway operation up to 200,000 km (121,000 km in 2015), of which high-speed rail operation of 45,000 km (19,000 km in 2015), the current Chinese high-speed rail with a large number of sensors to complete Vehicles, rail lines, natural Suction Control Valve  environment monitoring, with the Chinese car 'rail traffic safety technology project' (high-speed rail 'Admiralty' project) research and development, the future number of sensors may increase by 30% to 50%.

Technology will drive the rapid development of the sensor industry. With the development of electronic, material, physical, chemical and other aspects, especially the mature and application of MEMS technology, to meet the market demand for multi-functional, miniaturization, digital, systematic, network, intelligent sensors continue to emerge, the formation of sensors Develop new kinetic energy. The most important thing is policy promotion. The next three years of the smart sensor industry action guide (2017-2019) 'will soon be introduced, the action guide clear industrial development goals and direction is the sensor (the' three hundred five five 'plan has advanced the sensor as the strategic development focus; Of the intelligent, and developed Temperature Sensor a roadmap for industrial development to determine the MEMS technology and integrated circuit technology combined with the path of industrial development, as well as market-oriented policy support principles.

China has formed a relatively complete sensor industry chain, but the intelligent, miniaturization of the lack of high-end sensors, industrial scale is too small. Small and loose is the most significant feature of the current sensor industry. China's sensor industry in the overall development process there are three major problems: First, the technology scattered, small scale, lack of awareness and Throttle Position Sensor other constraints and constraints of industrial development; Second, the lack of overall planning and top design, the lack of reasonable allocation of resources and policy support; Is too much market barriers, public service support and standard system is not complete.

Sensor industry pattern will be to gather, integration, mergers and acquisitions. China's sensor industry has formed the Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai, Wuxi, Nanjing, etc.), the Pearl River Delta (Shenzhen as the center), the Northeast (Shenyang, Changchun, etc.), Beijing and other industrial clusters. Industry insiders said that with the industry mergers and reorganization of the company, the industry pattern will be further to the gathering. 'The next step, the Ministry of Industry will be in the resource advantages of the region to create an international sensor industry park - China 'sensor Valley' to Pressure Switch achieve industrial clustering and economies of scale, the formation of industrial chain complete, rational structure, with international influence and annual output value of the industry Gathering area.