Automotive industry technology development is endless, automatic driving, unmanned car is the ultimate goal of intelligent cars, automatic driving will bring a new car technology changes. The technology is the automotive industry and artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, networking and other technologies Sensor deep integration of the product. The application of automatic driving technology can completely liberate the driver, without focusing on driving and road conditions, people can read, entertain and rest in the car. At the same time, can reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents.

Automatic driving is the future development trend of car travel. With the electronic and intelligent development, the vehicle manufacturers and artificial intelligence enterprises have carried out a lot of development work. To automatically drive a car with the ability to make decisions in complex road conditions, the first need to automatically drive the vehicle 'thinking.' At the same time, not only to grasp the traffic around the road and the environment, but also to predict 'thousands of miles away.' In the urban transport system, if there is a car driving hesitation, speed suddenly slow and slow, it will have a certain impact on the efficiency of traffic flow. Relative to the human driving habits, driving skills, automatic driving can greatly enhance the travel efficiency. In addition, automatic driving vehicles on the traffic conditions of the identification and response will be faster, to achieve automatic driving can reduce Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor the occurrence of traffic accidents. Car sensor is the basis for automatic driving, the sensor can be divided into laser radar, the traditional radar and camera three. Car sensor is equivalent to automatically driving the car's eyes, the vehicle around and other information collection, and then by the technical staff to edit and process, draw the landmark map, with high-precision maps. To achieve the best path planning, to ensure that automatic driving in the safe driving area in the safe and safe driving.

Automatic driving as a new technology, the automotive industry is the current hot spots. Automated driving cars are good for society, drivers and pedestrians. Automatic driving technology at least at this stage is still immature, in the most complex road conditions can not be with the driver of the traffic conditions of many factors, especially the comprehensive judgments of emergencies compared. And to achieve automatic driving, must be highly dependent on mobile Internet technology and computer technology, automotive and Internet integration is the trend. There are software aspects that can further enhance the driving technology, including high-precision maps and data. High-precision map is like 'clairvoyance', is the basis for automatic driving car to understand the environment, automatic driving technology needs more accurate location information. And a large number of data can simulate complex physical conditions, based on artificial intelligence depth learning system plays a key role. Artificial intelligence Temperature Sensor is a complex computational method that mimics the human brain's learning. The algorithm has the ability to learn in depth and does not require software engineers to produce thousands of codes to control an autopilot. Artificial intelligence will greatly enhance the ability to break the autopilot Ability. These are the advantages of artificial intelligence companies, and can complement the advantages of vehicle manufacturers.