In the national policy to promote and guide the new energy automotive industry is in the transition period into the transition period into the transition, the technical precipitation, manufacturing promotion, management, strategic layout and so on factors affect the new energy Sensor vehicles and supporting enterprises in the future development of. Keming is optimizing the industrial layout of new energy vehicle temperature sensors, upgrading technology, expanding production capacity, reducing costs, and gradually form a scale advantage, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness.

As a witness and participant in the course of the new energy automotive industry, Shenzhen Kemei Sensors Co., Ltd. is accelerating the technological transformation and production capacity of the new energy field. It is committed to making the Shenzhen factory the largest new energy vehicle temperature sensor production base in southern China The As the sensor is non-calibration parts, many types of wire generally too long, resulting in low production capacity, the degree of automation is not high. Safe and reliable product quality Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor can naturally get the car and the core parts of the enterprise's favor, coupled with the rapid expansion of production capacity Ke Min, so that it has a strong scale and price competitiveness. So Kemei in the development of customers is also very smooth progress.

New energy vehicles subsidies slash, access threshold to improve, whether it is new energy car prices or core parts supporting enterprises, are facing the market tackling, upgrading technology, the cost of the problem. Keming is not only a well-known domestic new energy vehicle business partners, but also Temperature Sensor with many batteries and BMS enterprises reached a stable cooperation. At present, Keming's temperature sensor in the field of new energy vehicles market share of more than 20%. Creating a competitive value for the customer is the topic that the business will never change. This is Ke Min into the new energy automotive industry for four years, has always adhered to the idea.

  New energy vehicles and the core parts of the enterprise enterprises have also made a price reduction requirements of the sensor business. Because the vehicle subsidies decline led to the decline in vehicle profits, will certainly extend to the vehicle parts factory. And Keming is also a good response in advance. Ke Min innovative business management model, starting from the production efficiency ABS Sensor to reduce costs. And the establishment of a sound KBS management system. Only from within the enterprise transformation of the operating process, the production process, the waste of things removed, in order to improve product quality and reduce production costs.