Daimler and BYD plans to expand cooperation for the Teng potential brand to bring more models. Teng potential car brand from the creation to the present, only a Teng pure electric car, to the latest Teng 400, for example, this car equipped with a 62kWh lithium iron phosphate battery, integrated operating conditions, the maximum mileage of 352km , 60km / h constant speed Sensor operating conditions under the mileage of 473km (old models for the maximum mileage of 253 km). The motor with the maximum power of 184 horsepower, the peak torque of 300 Nm, the official announced 0-100km / h acceleration time increased to 10.5 seconds.

  But because the brand awareness is not high, the competitiveness of the product in terms of price is not much advantage (Teng 400 subsidy after the price is also higher than 300,000 yuan), Teng has been the sales performance has not been out of color: According to the According to the data released by the CAB, Teng potential sold 1574 vehicles in the first eight months of 2017. According to the official announcement given by BYD, Tengyan last year's revenue of 432 million yuan, net profit of 1.3 billion loss. The first quarter of this year to achieve revenue 96.37 million yuan, net profit loss of 72.5 million yuan. Above all this is obviously not BYD and Daimler are willing to see, both sides Temperature Sensor in this year have increased investment in the Teng potential car, with the introduction of more and more models in the future, for Teng potential or a turn over opportunity.

  In addition, Wang Chuanfu said BYD is considering changes in the policy environment makes the electric vehicle production challenges when the competition for the supply of car battery customers. He also said that BYD is expected Pressure Sensor to announce the first battery supply contract by the end of this year.