Tenneco demonstrated the latest solutions to help global customers take full advantage of future market, regulatory and technical trends at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. The company outlined the main drivers Sensor of driving performance and air purification business, demonstrating how its technology aligns with these trends.

  Tenneco is using its capabilities and expertise to produce products that meet current customer needs while developing solutions that anticipate and respond to future trends in the industry, whether it is increasingly stringent global emissions regulations, demand for active suspension systems Larger autopilot, more mobile models for replacement parts, electrification of NVH and acoustic challenges, or more demand for hybrids, Tenneco's Suction Control Valve current solutions meet these needs. As internal combustion engines and hybrid systems continue to grow and develop, Tennecker continues to work with customers to provide a suitable internal combustion engine solution. It is estimated that by 2027, 96% of the light vehicles will be equipped with internal combustion engine. These engines will be 30% more supervised than the current engine, creating opportunities for development.

   The battery pack used in a hybrid electric vehicle occupies a large amount of space in the combined powertrain system, which requires a unique exhaust system package that meets the emission standards. With expertise in system integration, Tenneco is able to develop solutions that meet these stringent packaging and content requirements. Tennecker's range of Monroe® Smart Suspension technology is designed to give customers a different vehicle ride performance, and Tennecker has the ability to support autopilot. Tennecker's range fuel metering valve of advanced technologies also supports both active and semi-active suspension systems, enabling optimum ride and handling without compromising vehicle performance. The suspension system will play an important role in autopilot because it maximizes driver comfort and provides a smoother ride experience by using pavement input data as part of an active safety system.

  Tenneco's famous Monroe? Aftermarket market suspension products can provide advanced solutions to support future mobile models. With car driving and car sharing to increase the number of car mileage, Tennecker expected due to vehicle wear and tear to produce quality replacement parts of the demand will increase. With the continuous development of vehicle electrification, Tennecker's global NVH solution plays an important role in this expanding market area, providing tailored noise, vibration and rutility (NVH) products, all of which Temperature Sensor are all Internal combustion engine, hybrid or electric vehicle powertrain strategy of the key components.

    In the field of acoustic performance, Tenneco's Air Purification Division has implemented solutions that include its Smart Sound noise cancellation technology to meet the requirements of noise or to improve engine sound characteristics in light hybrid drives.