On September 14th, the world's first all-electric light truck was unveiled in New York. But surprisingly, this section of the electric car is not the publisher of the US electric car manufacturing giant Tesla. Daimler pre-emptive light all-electric truck Fuso eCanter, and was Sensor named under its subsidiary Mitsubishi Fuso Card brand. The logistics company UPS became the first commercial user of the truck.

   eCanter charge once after the endurance capacity of 97 to 129 km, the specific use of mileage depends on the use of use, cargo and other factors. However, due to the distance and charging conditions, this all-electric truck will be more suitable for urban logistics or garbage transport. After the battery has been consumed, the truck can return to the charging station for charging. As the first full electric light truck, Fuso eCanter achieved zero emissions and low energy consumption, for the city in pollution and noise reduction in a lot. The truck Suction Control Valve is technically expensive, so the future market price will be very competitive. Daimler said the truck is currently in production in Portugal and Japan, this year will be in the United States, Japan and Europe put into use, Japan convenience store 7-11 in the first customer list.

   Tesla originally scheduled for September release of semi-hanging electric trucks will be postponed until next month. Tesla's chief executive officer, Elon Mascher, said on 13th that Tesla electric semi-trailer will be on October 26 in Hawthorne, California. Unlike Daimler's light truck, semi-trailer trucks can meet long-distance needs, meaning that the area of ​​application for all-electric trucks will also expand. Tesla's electric truck life has reached 200 to 300 miles (321 to 482 kilometers). Masky in the tweet shows that in addition Speed Sensor to the conference on October 26, the first test drive will also be presented to the audience. Tesla's electric truck may already have full automatic driving performance.

   The current giant of the electric car industry is Tesla, but with the competition intensified, the future who will sit on the position of a leader, or an unknown. Volkswagen CEO Matthias Mueller said at the Frankfurt Motor Show on Monday that Volkswagen plans to invest more than 20 billion euros (about $ 24 billion) by 2030 for R \u0026 D to manufacture electric vehicles and plans to build it by 2025 To create 80 different electric vehicles. Muller said the public will start the electric vehicle industry into the offensive. Coincidentally, diesel engine giant Cummins at the end of the release of the all-electric heavy truck Aeos, 100 days of life, traction can be trailer 22 tons. Unlike Daimler, Cummins released the electric truck Throttle Position Sensor with the aim of showing its latest electric powertrain. Cummins CEO Lan Bowen said the future Cummins will not carry the truck vehicle production, mainly responsible for providing a complete battery electronic control system.