Tesla Model 3 is a concern for electric cars. July 3, Tesla CEO Elon Mask's social networking site issued the latest news: as Tesla Sensor a civilian version of the model, is expected to be delivered to the first 28 this month, the hands of 30 users.

 Model 3 has passed all the production requirements for testing two weeks ahead of schedule and expects the first car to be completed on Friday. According to the date of production, Model 3 production in August will reach 100, in September will be more than 1,500, up to 2000 in December up to 2000. Although Tesla Temperature Sensor pocketed the attention of car fans, but Tesla 'burn and loss' is often criticized. Tesla battery costs 26% lower than Chevrolet, while the autonomous sales model can save part of the sales costs, so the bicycle loss rate lower than Bolt. Bolt's loss is $ 9,000. Taking into account the consumer acceptance of the higher acceptance rate, Model 3 actual price may be more than 41,000 US dollars. If the Tesla users add $ 7,000 to $ 8,000 on the base basis, this is based on a 50% margin, and Model 3 is expected to be profitable.

However, Tesla's profitability and cycling profit margins, sales are closely related. Tesla's bike profitability is also good, due to the small size, I am afraid also see no profit. And in the early sales, Tesla will also spend a lot of money into the construction of infrastructure. Although the car will make money, but the past few years Tesla need to play the market, profit situation probably not too optimistic on the surface, but it is normal. Tesla uses direct sales to effectively control the cost, but it is difficult to expand the scale.

  With the Tesla Model 3 delivery time approaching, people have been able to see the car on the way to the United States. Tesla's appearance, has let many traditional car prices are worried, the price Pressure Sensor is more close to the People's Model 3, so that the traditional car prices once again feel the impact.

Even as an entry-level model, consumers can still get a Tesla Model 3 equipped with Autopilot autopilot system with a mileage of around 350km and a speed of less than 6s.

If Tesla made, although the tax problem is resolved, but the procurement costs will probably increase, Tesla's pricing must be competitive, or no need to domestic. In the international market, at present only the BMW 3 Series electric cars can compete with, but in China, model 3 competitors are not a few. A group of want to do the rise of China's Tesla new business, such as Wei to the future, singularity, cloudiness and other highly sense of design and technology, and with the Internet gene models have been launched in the market has made a certain Of the brand effect, in addition Speed Sensor to Beiqi new energy, BYD and other car prices have also launched a battery life of more than 300km models, and take the people's line of the model 3 in many ways to form a competition.