Someone has found a Model S prototype car with a new sensor in California. Those who are familiar with Tesla know that Tesla has tested many different sensors many times, and these sensors are not all necessary Sensor for automobile production. For example, Tesla has applied the lidar sensor to 'ground conditions', but there is no intention to apply it to vehicle production.

An anonymous source found the prototype and photographed the outside of the Tesla lab in Sunnyvale, California, USA.

Currently, the office of the Teslas Temperature Sensor Sunwell office has the potential to train test lab engineers and prototyping technicians.

From the photo point of view, the device is like a sensor, installed in the second generation Autopilot hardware suite, behind the rearview mirror insurance device, higher than the front camera position. The staff removed the panel below the glove box and managed to connect the Nvidia Drive PX2 computer Pressure Sensor to the new sensor. Interestingly, this car is a right rudder car.

Tesla chief executive Masky has said Tesla is currently working to improve its second-generation autopilot, hoping to achieve level 5 autopilot technology. Technical improvements need to be implemented through software updates, so this new technology may not be different from the current technology Throttle Position Sensor unless it is applied to ground conditions or system identification.

Masque has hinted that Tesla may update the computer to make it more robust to meet the requirements of fully automatic driving. Nvidia claims that two Drive PX2 computers can be fully autopilot, and Tesla cars produced in October 2016 are only equipped with one. There are rumors that Tesla will customize the system-level chips used Pressure Switch by Samsung to automate the car.