Tesla had already started developing Autopilot autopilot system, but the system was slow Sensor to appear, can be described as hanging the audience's appetite.

  Compared to the average driver assistance system, the latest version of Autopilot in the technical aspects of the upgrade is not very obvious, which also means that the use of the technology Model S can not achieve the true sense of unmanned, the driver to some extent still need to control Steering wheel, so can not enjoy completely out Suction Control Valve of the steering wheel and bring the driving experience.

The Autopilot has been able to assist the car in normal driving on the road, including front and rear distance maintenance, acceleration / deceleration, braking, changing lanes, as an automatic driving technique for assisting the driver. The future, the car is equipped with Autopilot system, you can automatically complete the upper and lower ramp and other operations.

In addition, the Autopilot system can also play Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor a role in parking. It can find the parking space, and will be able to use the parking spaces to inform the driver, and then in accordance with the designated parallel parking.

  The Tesla Autopilot also incorporates a front radar, a front camera, and a 360 degree ultrasonic sensor capable of detecting up to 12 meters for monitoring all aspects of the vehicle and identifying road traffic signs, monitoring pedestrians, vehicles and Other obstacles. The system also has a high-precision digital control of electric power brake system and GPS, and according to the monitoring system to provide the data on the throttle, brake and steering wheel to adjust accordingly.

  Each version of Autopilot's Model S will feed real-time data fuel metering valve to Tesla to ensure that the Autopilot system continues to learn and improve. The recently released Tesla Model X is also equipped with the Autopilot system, which also supports wireless upgrades.

   At present, Audi, BMW, Daimler and other car manufacturers have been in the development of unmanned technology, Volvo launched this month, Auto-Pilot autopilot system and Tesla similar, which can achieve manual control and automatic driving seamless connection. Google has been in a number Temperature Sensor of cities to carry out unmanned car road test, news that Apple is also developing unmanned vehicles, is still in the early stages of development.