Legionella can occur in any freshwater system, besides water systems in your home, this includes schools, care homes, hospitals, hotels and even spas. The bacteria develop in temperatures above -20 degrees Celsius and below 60 degrees Celsius. So, one must also be careful of hot tubs that have not been cleaned often. To test your own, opt for a ‘Spa or Jacuzzi water test’ and check the levels of bacteria present.  If these bacteria are present in your water, they cause respiratory problems including Legionnaire’s Disease which can be compared to a strong attack of pneumonia. When not treated properly, it can lead to death.  With a range of tests on offer, you can choose the one best suited for your specific location whether it is a dentistry, hospital or school.  These tests are designed to be affordable and easily accessible to all.

An Easy Test

Testing your water supply is not a complicated procedure. All you have to do is buy a Legionella testing kit, fill the sterile bottles with water samples from hot water taps and showers in the building. Then just place the bottles in the bag provided and give us a call. We will pick them up (free of cost) and get in touch with the results.  If the test is positive, a re-test will be conducted to confirm the initial results.

In order to minimize the chance of allowing legionella growth, you should have your water systems checked routinely. Avoid any stagnant water on the property and get rid of any unnecessary pipe ends in your water system. Disinfect showerheads regularly and if you have any taps that you don’t use frequently, make it a point to flush them out now and then. The water in hot-tubs and pools need to be treated to prevent bacteria from breeding.

A Legionella-Tested Certificate

Landlords of both residential and commercial properties should test their water systems for the bacteria regularly. While legionella bacteria can be killed fairly easily, before you subject the water to chemicals, first confirm its presence. Test your water systems at least twice a year and if there has been an outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease, more frequent testing is recommended.  Legionella experts with over 20 years of experience in the field, Aquacert not only tests your sample but can also suggest some simple, safe methods to neutralize the bacteria if it is found.