As Apple compressed the unmanned project, 17 Apple engineers moved to the unmanned company Zoox. The 17 engineers are responsible for the professional areas of automotive brakes, suspension and other mechanical systems. These engineers Sensor were originally Apple's introduction from the traditional car manufacturing company, not Apple's own training of talent.

   Apple has compressed the unmanned car program, abandoning the production of cars, focusing on research and development of unmanned technology. Moreover, it is prepared to work with traditional car manufacturers to develop unmanned commuter vehicles. Zoox is located in Menlo Park, California, from July 2015 has been financing 290 million US dollars of funds. The company claims Suction Control Valve to be 'leading the unmanned vehicle as a service to the robot company.' Zoox's future goal is to create 'fully automated electric car fleet and supporting ecosystems and bring their services to market scale.' Over the past two years, the company has also stepped away some supply chains from Apple Of the professionals.

   In early August, Apple will work with leading car manufacturers to develop unmanned commuter vehicles and use it at Apple's new Apple Park campus. Apple will be responsible for unmanned technology, car manufacturers are responsible for providing commercial fleet. This unmanned commuter car will be equipped with Apple employees from one office building to another office building. But it is not yet known when it is specific. Since last year's senior executive Bob Mansfield was responsible for the Apple Project Titan car project, the team Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor has been laying off. Moreover, the focus of the project has been transferred to the development of software and the corresponding solution. Apple is ready to re-create the team, but it now pay more attention to the unmanned system of professionals, rather than car manufacturing talent.
    Apple has been approved by the California Motor Vehicle Administration, which can test drive unmanned vehicles. At present, it is using the Lexus RX450h SUV team to test its unmanned technology.