Over the past 100 years, the automobile industry has been the driving force of economic growth. The automotive industry continues to lead the technological transformation, making cars a safe, comfortable and efficient Sensor way to transport. With the advent of autopilot, we are also on the starting point of revolutionary change. In order to lead this change without compromising safety performance, we need to carefully study the system-level risk from the design time to the IC level and its mitigation measures.

   In order to make the dream of driving a car automatically, you need to combine several technologies to work with each other. Advanced driving assistance systems enable better situational awareness and control, making driving simpler and more secure. ADAS technology can use the vehicle built-in system - that is, vehicle resident systems such as vision and camera systems, as well as sensor technology, or vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) or vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) systems V2X), the use of intelligent, interconnection-based network. V2X communication uses the dedicated short-range wireless communication component on the circuit board to transmit security related information such as vehicle speed and body size, advance direction and braking status to other vehicles and receive the same information about other vehicles from these information. V2X network using multi-hop (multi-hop) technology, through the other nodes to send this information, in order to achieve long-distance communication. Farther detection distances and the ability to observe corners or other vehicles help to alert the driver if the vehicle equipped with V2X is found earlier than the sensor, camera, or radar. With the Pressure Sensor maturity of these technologies, the most important factor to be able to successfully deploy is reliability and field performance. The history of automotive electronic systems has always been a problem, especially the most recent record. We have learned about the fragility of the electronic access control system and the events of the self-accelerating car. Two 'moral' hackers have been able to control Jeep Grand Cherokee and get out of control with the media headlines by showing the vulnerability of remote access. These and other events all reveal the potential challenges that we need to overcome.

   The security challenge rises with each node connected to the outside world. There are several such nodes in the connected car, and if it is not connected to the Internet, it communicates with another vehicle that is part of the V2V network. In these vehicles, it must be ensured that communication with the outside world is taken from proven sources and is not tampered with during transmission. Ensure that system security begins with securing hardware. Secure and trusted hardware forms the basis for a secure system. It provides the necessary building blocks that can be used to authenticate, authorize communication and action. This is true for any system, especially for V2X systems. Due to the complexity Speed Sensor and scale of the network, symmetric encryption can not usually be used, but asymmetric encryption is used and an extensible method is provided to connect the number of nodes that the network may need. In order to achieve this, each node will use a private key, for each transmission of information signed digital signature. The receiving end verifies the digital signature with the relevant public key transmitted to all the receiving nodes. This method is not only scalable than the symmetric encryption scheme is good, but also easier to replace the wrong node.
    The size of the electrical and / or electronic content in today's vehicles has shifted the attention of the industry to ensuring that the content does not pose any threat to the system or interface equipment and, if threatening, can take precautionary or corrective measures. In particular, as the industry moves towards the direction of intelligent vehicle control, human life is being handed over to sensors, microcontrollers (MCUs) and algorithms to control; at the same time, with the advent of electric vehicles, the size of electrical and / or electronic content Increase even more than ever. Therefore, the next step Pressure Switch to the advanced driving support system must seriously consider the hidden system-level risks and the resulting security risks. From the design time has been extended to the IC level, the entire system must take security measures.