Baby Boomers,

Can you imagine life on this planet one million years ago?  

The matter of life and death was paramount to everything else.  Survival of the fittest ruled the human race.  The strongest survived.  Those who conquered and killed reaped the spoils of their victory........and their women.  

There was a profound caste system much as there is today .  But back in the infancy of man, the big and the strong and the most cunning were the leaders.  This cultural order of man was, just like today, predicated on age because with age comes the ebb and flow of size and strength and wisdom. 

The young were weak and inexperienced, much like our children, and were taken care of.  They watched their leaders hunt and kill and be successful and in general, they stayed out of the way.

The young adults, our "Generation Z", seeing the privileges of their elders, were impatient, individualistic and erratic. They wanted to hunt and kill and they wanted to taste success but were still inclined to prefer the comforts of their sheltered lives.

As this generation aged, they developed insights on how to navigate the world successfully and they, like our "Generation Y", became more empathetic with their elders while growing more sensitive to change and the multiculturalism they shared with their fellow young adults.  They understood who had the skills to hunt and kill and provide and they were hopeful for their futures.

The middle aged adults, our "Generation X", knew enough now to begin providing on their own.  They began to taste self-reliance and they became more independent.  They longed to prove themselves to their leaders, the "Baby Boomer" generation.  But, did they have a similar flaw to today's "latchkey" kids and find themselves more interested in quality of life and family before wanting to prove themselves as worthy leaders of their tribes.

And yes there were the "Baby Boomers."  Our caveman brethren.  They were ambitious and individualistic hardworking, competitive, materialistic and looking for immediate gratification.  They led the hunts.  They killed the dangerous beasts.  They directed life in their tiny tribes and they led their followers in conflict with other clans of cavemen.  They were invincible in their own eyes.

And unfortunately, there were the aged of the people, the "Silent Generation" and the "GI generation" who once led the tribes but have succumbed to the frailties of old age.  Their futures were bleak.  It was up to them and them alone to hang on to their position in the system and prove their worth.  If they faltered, they were left to die with no remorse.  

I've painted Kind of a scary picture haven't I, but a true one none the less.  Sure, things change from generation to generation but somehow the definition of the different "generations" of life continues on through the ages.  

Instead of wild animals, now we battle technology.  Instead of a constant threat of famine, we now deal with pesticides, global warming and chemical overdose.  Instead of warring with the neighboring tribe we........never mind, we still do that.  Maybe things aren't that different from 1 million years ago?

So, what has led me on this lengthy diatribe about our similarities to our neanderthal predecessors?  Well, what follows is my latest edition of the "Baby Boomer Guidebook."

Some of the interesting articles talk about how:

  • Baby Boomers and the middle class is shrinking
  • As we age, chronic drinking may be the newest threat to our quality of life
  • Multi-racial backgrounds are the way of the future

The more that things change, the more they stay the same.

So, why dont you pull your woman over by her hair and sit in front of the fire, chew on some wild pig grizzle and read about all the news that is important to our current Baby Boomer generation.

If you don't , I'll have to come to your cave and hit you over the head with my club.
Well, fellow troglodytes, did you find any of the articles interesting?  Did any of them make you grunt like a cave man?

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