Extracting hair from the donor area which is in the back and the side of the head is very important process and it’s called harvesting. This is equivalent of a painter preparing paint before they apply on to the canvass. However before that the artist draws an outline so they know what they intend to achieve and the same is done with regards to a hair transplant surgery. When the doctor would see the bald head of a patient for them it is like looking at an empty canvass with a great future. And then go about implanting the follicles with a mathematical precision. 

Choose a doctor, who can perform FUE and FUT hair transplant, it gives you more option.


If a doctor is capable of performing both follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplant (FUT) you have much better chance of getting maximum hair coverage in just one sitting. In some cases the doctor might ask you to come back after year or so but that happens in few cases where the hair loss is extensive and requires multiple sessions. In Delhi NCR Dr. Rakesh Sood has been called an artist because he is famous for giving the best natural hair transplants