In the LED light source, drive power, light distribution, intelligent control systems, sensors, Internet and Internet of things and other technologies and processes mature and widely used in the moment, wisdom and lighting meet the human demand for lighting is not just to The darkness can see the basic functions of the object and identify the direction of the lighting industry also Sensor from a simple light source, electrical appliances, lighting research and development, production, application, and gradually with the construction of electrical, landscape, environmental art, architectural appearance, Network technology in the field of scientific and technological achievements of the integration of the formation of a series of lighting as the core of the system engineering, which has become a professional leader in the wisdom of lighting, leading enterprises and design, construction team, intelligent lighting quietly came to our lives and work , The wisdom of lighting to become the benchmark for the construction of the wisdom of the city, leading the wisdom of the park, wisdom, wisdom, municipal, urban night light environmental engineering construction into the leaping stage of development, set up to the wisdom of the city of Jinqiao.

    The wisdom of the city is the use of a new generation of information technology, in the Pan information on the basis of a comprehensive perception and interconnection, to achieve people, objects, urban function system between the seamless and collaborative linkage of intelligent self-perception, adaptive, self- Services, business activities, people's livelihood, environmental Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor protection, public safety and other needs of the city to make intelligent optimization and timely response to the formation of sustainable development, convenient, efficient, green, safe wisdom of the city form.

    Smart city is a complex 'giant system', involving investment and financing, top design, integration, operations, business applications, ICT infrastructure and other links. Therefore, only the various sectors of the enterprises in their respective areas to do their own good things in order to promote the healthy development of the wisdom of the city ecosystem, to meet customer needs, their own evolution of the wisdom of the city as a whole solution. In the Smart City area, Huawei provides technical support and after-sales service to focus on ICT infrastructure and solutions.

   In the intelligent city system architecture, there are several levels of information acquisition terminal and sensing system in the four layers of perception, network, data, application. At the network layer, it emphasizes urban communication network and city object network. In the sense layer, the data layer contains cloud data Processing center and public information service platform, large data support platform; in the application layer contains the wisdom of the city's brain - intelligent city management operations center, the central nervous system - wisdom government, intelligent urban Temperature Sensor management, safe city, digital environmental protection, digital garden, Intelligent transportation, wisdom of medical care, wisdom education, intelligent lighting and other subsystems. Because of the implementation of the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Urban Green Lighting', the city lighting facilities are the most robust, complete and digital management of the urban infrastructure in the entire intelligent city system, and can be carried in almost no investment Sensing and application of subsystems to achieve the wisdom of the city's core functions, therefore, intelligent lighting naturally exists in the wisdom of the city system architecture of the perception layer and application layer two levels.

   Intelligent lighting is the use of artificial intelligence, wireless communication data transmission, intelligent information processing, Internet of things, sensors, control systems and other technologies, so that lighting facilities with color temperature, brightness, color, point line surface of the soft start, timing control, Scene settings and other functions, and meet the requirements of the lighting standards to meet ABS Sensor the needs of different individuals, while in accordance with the program feedback problem lighting system engineering. Intelligent lighting is a more advanced stage of intelligent lighting.

   Lighting facilities networking will be the beginning of the construction of municipal Internet of things, starting from the municipal lighting, traffic management, environmental monitoring, municipal management, municipal lighting and other intelligent devices together to create a link to the municipal Internet of Things, can be 'smart city' future The Intelligent lighting is the perfect combination of software and hardware, material and consciousness, technology and art, in the form of urban hair and skin, through the wisdom of urban central nervous system engineering. Intelligent lighting based on human planning and design, covering all the lighting, carrying intelligent city perception layer and application layer multiple subsystems, can man-machine interaction, can express emotions, in line with the natural development trend. Intelligent lighting has its own programming language and light language, light language in the history, culture, art, humanistic narrative, the universe of all things, the world, ancient and modern city, the human landscape and the process of emphasizing the expression of emotions, Can be different national boundaries, different colors, different races, different languages, different backgrounds of people found, perception, experience, resulting in resonance. Intelligent lighting can not only meet the universe, the different needs of all things, but also to subvert the human eye can see the universe and all things and the world shape and shape. Is the so-called 'see the five Yun are empty, color that is empty color.'

  Whether it is intelligent street light or wisdom wall lamp, are to maintain the basic functions of the lamp on the basis of the light pole or lampholders as the carrier, integrated monitoring camera, 4G micro base stations, public broadcasting, multimedia information screen, new energy vehicle charging pile, GPS information, such as GPS coordinate positioning, environmental information collector, parking toll station, alarm, real-time data feedback and release, water level measuring device, photovoltaic generator, wind energy generator, emergency lighting system Pressure Switch and other hardware functions, through advanced information sensing technology, Transmission technology, lighting control technology, computer processing technology, the collected data and information transmission to the 'intelligent lighting software system platform', as a management background, to achieve large data interactive environment, intelligent lighting, intelligent traffic, digital urban management, Intelligent sanitation, public safety, wireless city, information release, a key alarm and other intelligent city management core functions.