Although the problem of more space may not affect everyone, when it does, we tend to choose different options as we try to solve the problem. Some of us may consider adjusting our lifestyles to make it work, while others might be inclined to look for imaginative ways to spread out our possessions.

But what if we just need an extra room, do we call in a contractor, or do we force ourselves to accept what we have?

A room with a view




A hobby can be a great stress reliever, but some hobbies can significantly change our whole outlook on life. Something as simple as painting, or sculpturing can be just what the doctor ordered, but both hobbies would require a little peace and quiet.

Economically priced and in most cases, stand alone, a log cabin can be erected in the back yard, allowing for all the private time you would need.

Working from home



With the high cost of petrol, more employees are trying to find ways to work from their house. The problem with this kind of thinking is that most households are not equipped with an extra room for that office.

Rather than wait until the kids move out on their own, a separate home office can be assembled on the property. This is a win-win situation for everyone and the money saved on petrol could really help the budget.

Summer at my house




When the cold months of winter are replaced with warmer temperatures, we tend to gravitate to increase our outside activities. Inviting family and friends over to a barbecue is a great way to pass the time.

A sunroom built to facilitate some of these events, accompanied by a decent pool to cool off on those hot days, would make your house the most anticipated destination to visit this summer.

Making plans for mother in law




Most of us consider family to be an important part in our lives, but we don’t always want them to live under the same roof as we do. A visit to Paradisehome could open up all sorts of alternatives for building lofts and extensions in London, turning away our family, especially if our mother in law has nowhere else to go. A log cabin on the property will serve as a way to accept her but still keep your distance.

Getting away from it all


Finally, when was the last time you had the opportunity to go on a quiet retreat, avoiding everyone and simply enjoying the great outdoors? If you can afford to purchase a piece of land nearby the lake, it’s just a matter of adding a log cabin to it and your vacation home awaits. Just think of the opportunities you will have.