One of the worst parts of winter are waking up and putting your feet on a cold floor. You don't always want to have to wear shoes around your house, do you? One of the biggest advantages to radiant floor heating systems is simply how enjoyable walking on your floor will be, but they can even save you money by allowing you to lower the thermostat and adjust your central heating system to keep your various rooms different temperatures.

We'll walk you through the process of installing these systems and give you the various pros and cons of radiant floor heating systems as well as whether or not you're ready to make that call to the radiant floor heating installers in Media, but it's most important to understand the basics of why you should own an electric radiant floor heating system before you even get started:

-Simple and Efficient to Use

Electric systems have three basic components: heat cables, thermostats, and temperature sensors and operate on very basic wiring that saves you money by heating your home from the bottom to the top, how heat naturally travels.

-Very Affordable

Since there's only a few operable costs with installation, you only add about $200-$300 to the total cost of the project when you're initially installing or reinstalling your floors and only cost about a cent to operate per day.

-Better Air Quality

One of the major reasons that people have problems with HVAC systems is that they exacerbate allergies and end up costing extra when you consider expensive filters. You never have to worry about these kinds of problems with radiant electric in-floor heating systems.

-Quieter with Added Comfort

There are no pumps, fans, or connections that you have to worry about. And it all comes with extreme added comfort. Imagine never having to slip on slippers to enjoy your hardwood or tile floors, then imagine never having frigid toes and feet- and your $200 dollar investment makes a lot more sense.

Why Is Electric Radiant Floor Heating A Good Option

Unless you have a large boiler, it's pretty expensive to install a hydronic system. What's so cool about electric radiant heating is that you only have to power a system of electric mats or wires built into the floor. This is really essential when you have other types of heating systems and don't want to spend a lot of money on updating your system, especially if you've replaced your HVAC system recently.

Plus, electric radiant heating systems run on a timer, have minimal labor costs, and are excellent if you need varying temperatures in certain rooms, like your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

Electric Radiant In-Floor Heating Systems Aren't Primary Heating Sources

But they are excellent for supplementing your existing system. When your feet and legs are warm, you can adjust your thermostat and drop it back a few degrees, saving you huge amounts on all of your utility bills.

If you're still on the fence about purchasing radiant under floor heating systems, imagine all the scenarios that you'll use it. After you've thought a bit, give us a call or send us an email- we'll be glad to give you a quote.