The Benefits of Having First Aid and CPR Knowledge First aid professionals are vital to the success of many events and other happenings around the world. People fall, get hit over the head, and are severely injured due to natural causes – and it’s the first aiders on hand that can help with minor or life-threatening injuries. Whether you’re a business owner or you’re just preparing for a career in first aid or health care, having first aid experience and knowledge of CPR will provide you with many excellent benefits, some of which are outlined below.

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More Career Opportunities

Firstly, many businesses and employers seek employees with experience in first aid and CPR. Even employers that don’t have first aid as a requirement will still look at resumes to see what other qualifications and experiences an employee has.

If you’re looking to give yourself an excellent chance in a variety of careers, whether that’s in construction or healthcare, CPR and first aid knowledge will give you an added advantage over candidates who don’t have such experience. It isn’t always viable to undertake such courses, but they are always going to provide many career benefits in the future, which could pay dividends.

Climbing the career ladder will often require you to have many certificates, some of those being first aid and CPR certification. So, if you’re at the bottom of the career ladder and you’re looking to take your next big step, you can be sure the already earned certificates are going to make the process much quicker and easier to achieve. Various levels of knowledge when it comes to first aid and CPR will open more doors for you when it comes to choosing a career.

Get the Respect You Deserve

Getting a CPR certification online or via other means will essentially give you the respect you deserve. Whether you’re a business owner or you just wanted the experience, your peers and colleagues will have faith in your ability to help them out should they find themselves with heart and other health problems.

Friends and family are also going to be well looked after thanks to your experience and knowledge. You’re also going to feel confident around them knowing you can save their life should something out of the ordinary happen.

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Feel Good About Saving Lives

While you may never find yourself in a position needed to save a life, it will still make you feel good about taking the time out to earn your certificates. If, however, you did save a life, you’re going to get added respect and you’re going to feel much more confident in yourself.

Saving a life is probably one of the most special feelings in the world and while you may never get rewarded in terms of an excellent career and salary, you may still feel rewarded in diverse ways. The feeling of empowerment will give you the confidence to achieve whatever you want in life.

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Proper Preparedness

Getting such certificates will prepare you for something if the inevitable did happen. If you don’t opt for the training for business or career prospects, you’ll still be prepared in knowing that you’re on hand to help your family and friends if they succumb to heart failure. Statistically, more than 85% of cardiac arrests around the world happen at home, so even if you’re randomly playing having dinner at home with friends and one of them collapses, you’re always going to be on hand to help them out of a life-threatening situation.

Only 15-30% of bystanders who experience cardiac arrest get the instant CPR treatment they need to survive. Others don’t get the proper treatment needed and later find themselves in a worse situation when waiting for a paramedic.

This means that around 70% of other bystanders feel helpless and don’t have a clue what they’re doing. In such a situation, when every second counts, going online and searching for help isn’t always going to provide a life-threatening situation. Get certified today and be one of the few people who are on hand to help fellow locals.

The Best Training Will Develop Your Skills Further

It’s easy to search on Google for help when it comes to CPR and first aid training, but the fact is, that isn’t always going to be enough to save someone’s life. Using a professional business to get hands-on experience will ensure you’re well trained when it comes to life-threatening situations.

Getting qualified is only going to act as a foundation for you to have the confidence to go on and get qualified in different areas. Becoming a paramedic or fire officer could well be on the list of your interesting careers in the future, and it’s the confidence as well as qualifications that are going to help you succeed in doing so.

Lower Insurance Business Costs

If you’re the owner of a business, first aid experience and CPR knowledge are going to lower your insurance costs. Not only that but if you’re working in a warehouse environment or you’re the manager of a construction site, it’s usually a mandatory certification because of the dangers that are around every corner.

Keeping your employees are safe is not only going to lower your insurance costs and make your business legal, however, it’s also going to prevent future law suits and injured employees. It could, potentially, be the difference in your business succeeding or failing like the many others out there. Employees will also likely have more interest in working in dangerous environments if you have the necessary experience to keep them alive if the worst did come about.

When you look at the above benefits, getting certified doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all. Obviously, there are costs involved in gaining the relevant certificates, but these are all costs that come with many benefits, especially when it comes to seeking new employment. If you have many friends and family members who you adore, or you’re looking to take your career to the next level, consider getting first aid certificates and the CPR training you need today to better your life and others around you.