The nature of the Internet of things quickly transfer information and data and simple and efficient integration. Refers to the system to collect useful information, the use of software and algorithms to make decisions, and to show the results Sensor  at a glance. In this process, each object can exchange data, do not need any human intervention. If you can successfully integrate, you can reduce the construction and operation costs, and thus create greater value.

Today's technology trends: mobile As smart phones become more popular, this ratio should rise again. Data sources are diverse and large, and virtualization can dramatically improve operational efficiency and streamline costs. Artificial intelligence investment and analysis of the leap forward: in the past to analyze the variable data is very difficult, the operation process is also very time-consuming. But with fuel metering valve the appropriate algorithm, the data analysis of the load plummeted, has been able to quickly find out the data model and comes down to useful results. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication: the system within the object size is smaller and smaller, more energy efficient, easy to copy and low cost. The two objects that had to spend thousands of dollars in the past were now able to complete at very low cost.

   Sensor applications are very extensive, but also bring out a lot of new technologies. For the camera, you can develop different ways to obtain and process data (such as face recognition, action identification), and allow different functions to interact. There is still much room for development in this area, through innovation design and adjustment of the variables, you can create more value. Today it is difficult to have their own enterprises to complete the Internet of things to build the system, mainly because there are too many links to attention, there is no one company has enough knowledge and technology to complete a set of system building. Now many areas began to realize the benefits of the Internet of Things system, but the integration still takes some time. If at this stage, the Internet of Things in the industrial field will create the greatest value. Take the vehicle technology trend ABS Sensor as an example, the vehicle will be like a mini-data center in the future: there may be a very powerful central processor to process the data in real time. There are software to virtualize all the cars and use some technology (such as sensor analysis and decision making system) Driving safety and privacy.

Internet products and systems involved in a wide range of products and technology, with the development of time, the relevant technology can be used in more areas, the cost will be lower. Development Speed Sensor of the Internet of Things to clearly grasp the ultimate goal, rather than blindly adhere to a certain practice, but ignore the other costs lower or more rapid and effective way, but also have the opportunity to play the highest efficiency.