With technology, even the computer speakers have gone through a vast change in terms of their look, features, the technology used and lots more. Nowadays the design is quite appealing and also the compact size is something that is gaining a lot of popularity. There is no denial to the fact that the well-designed computer speakers have become the first choice of the buyers. Among the different kinds of speakers that you find in the market or online the bookshelf is quite amazing. Now you might be thinking as what bookshelf speakers are all about.

If you are not aware of the best computer speakers under 100 dollars, then you should know that these are designed to be compact and still have an awesome sound quality. These are usually used in homes and are very appealing. Nowadays you have a lot of options in this category thus giving you immense choices to select the best. If you have planned to buy a bookshelf for your home, then here are the top choices that you can go for.

1.   Sony SS-B1000 5 1/8-Inch Bookshelf Speakers –

Sony is definitely a preferred brand if you are looking for superior sound quality. The SS B1000 model is designed with a sleek look thus giving it a lovely look. It has an awesome sound quality which is the top priority of the buyers. If you are looking for a decent and a budgeted option, then Sony should be your choice. It definitely makes a superb choice and that is why tops the charts in the list of the bookshelf.

2. Pioneer SP-BS22-LR –

Pioneer is yet again a good brand when it comes to the bookshelf. Special emphasis is given to the sound quality so that the buyers are able to enjoy an awesome experience. There is something more which makes these speakers a decent choice and it is their stylish look.  It is quite difficult to find a model that has a good design and yet is inexpensive. So why not grab this bookshelf which is best in every respect.

3.  Micca MB42 –

Then you have the speaker from Micca which is said to have great popularity in the market thus making it one of the hottest selling models of this brand. The speakers come with little woofers that offer an enhanced sound experience along with the option to adjust the bass as per your choice. When you compare it with another choice you will find that the mid-range sounds are quite good and will surpass the others too. The quality of the speaker is excellent thus making it a durable and affordable choice for the buyers.

Audioengine A5+ -

If you prefer to go with the loud sound then this is the speaker ideal for you. You get it in three different shades black, white and bamboo so you can pick whichever looks best to you. Apart from the color choices, the sound is great and you will love the experience of listening to the songs. If you have a big room then these speakers can do wonders as the sound is loud but at the same time very pleasing. So you will not face any kind of disturbance but will love the overall experience.

5.  Infinity Primus P163BK –

Last but not the least is the model from Infinity which is again a superior choice for the people. The mid-range sound is quite awesome but you might face a little problem at the high end. The design is really attractive and in no way, it is a bad choice. If you are a buyer who is looking for quality as well as affordability Infinity Primus has no match with the other options. Once you use the speaker you will feel the difference and have a good musical experience.



No matter which model you have chosen for yourself, just check out the reviews before you buy it. The reviews will give you a complete insight into the bookshelf as what are its highlight, how it is different from the others and whether it is worth investing money or not.  Thus you get a lot of useful information that can help you to make your choice without having any doubt in your mind. The above options are excellent, reviewed and best of all.