Going to the gym is one of the best ways we have to enjoy a healthy life and take care of our body; however, it can be difficult to choose clothes to go to the gym and get attractive looking without compromising functionality during physical activity. In addition to the fitness accessories that make training easier, the garments we use are also important for enhancing our athletic performance. That's why in a How we want to show you how to dress in the gym and feel great in every workout. The sporty look is in fashion!



  • Clothes for the gym
  • Take care of your underwear
  • Accessories to go to the gym
  •   Looks to go to the gym





1. Clothes for the gym

The first thing to keep in mind is that, to go to the gym, you must choose garments that are comfortable, flexible and that allow the perspiration of your body. But being comfortable does not mean that it has to be the first thing you get from the closet, on the contrary: trends in sportswear are constantly renewed and a modern look is perfect to feel good.

Another tip to know how to dress in the gym is to choose clothes of latest technology that help the rapid evaporation of sweat and, thus, to avoid the bad smell. The ideal garments are those that are formed of microfibers, cotton dryfull cottonlycra or supplex, are soft fabrics that promote perspiration.

2. Take care of your underwear

This recommendation is essential for men, when wearing tight clothing and adapted to our forms, it is important that the underwear you choose is suitable for physical exercise. In this way, it is advisable to quality men’s gym wear a sports top instead of the traditional T-Shirt, as well as avoid wearing stringer vest or belts for sport and replace it with fine thongs that will bring comfort to the movement as well as a more attractive figure.

3. Accessories to go to the gym

To know how to dress in the gym you should pay special attention to the accessories, as they are the elements that make your look personal and original. For example, you can wear wristbands that avoid sweat and combine them with the color you have chosen for your look .You can also wear a cap that will help keep hair away from the face, as well as a special training towel made of lightweight material and ideal for sweat absorption. Also do not forget those instruments that will facilitate the training and will help you measure your performance, such as a heart rate meter.

Discover the fitness accessories indicated for you and enjoy a much more productive workout.

4. Looks to go to the gym

In a How do we give you some ideas to inspire you when choosing your clothes to go to the gym? Aim!

 Red leggings combined with red top. Break the color of this look by adding a gray hooded sweatshirt.

 Dare with the prints: dress in black and white printed leggings and match them with a white or black T-shirt. You will triumph for sure!

 Get shorts! It is one of the sexiest fashions to go to the gym and is that teaching legs is always possible. With short shorts and a hooded sweatshirt you'll have a neat but casual look.

 Guys to combine! And is that anything serves to train, putting together clothes to exercise shows that you care about your appearance even when you train, it is certainly worth taking a moment to do so.