In the product positioning and value of the center of gravity after the change, the traditional car companies are bound to redefine and shape their own business model. Automatic driving technology weakened the driver Sensor in the car decision-making in the core position. In the past, the main control plant stressed the driving control experience, including gear, brake, acceleration and other functions are no longer so important. The target group of the automotive industry has been expanded several times (older people, minors, people with disabilities), and any terminal consumer with a car travel service will be the decision maker and marketing target to buy cars in the automatic driving age.

   The automobile industry is no longer a traditional manufacturing industry dominated by product sales, and will become a service-oriented industry with a ride experience as its core. The traditional automotive industry to product one-time sales revenue as the main source of profit, which drives enterprises to continuously optimize the hardware performance of the car, the driver's demand fuel metering valve for innovation. In this business model, the industry to host the plant-led, down to extend the different levels of parts manufacturers, thus forming a complete industry value chain.

   In the era of automatic driving, the end consumer may not need to have a car, the industry business model into the number of miles per trip service, as well as the services used in the way to billing. Consumers every time the service experience will affect the next travel options, the industry's charging model from the past low frequency, high unit price consumption into high frequency, low price consumption. The industry is no longer only to product hardware innovation to meet consumer demand, but in the existing software services platform to continuously optimize the content, to maximize the user service experience to enhance travel around the user to experience the whole journey to design and improvement Temperature Sensor Service content, the formation of dynamic, sustainable business closed-loop. The face of changes in consumer groups and business models, automatic driving era of the overall competitive landscape of the automotive industry will continue to expand outward. We expect that by 2020, the ecosystem of the entire autopilot industry will include retailers, travel service providers, software service providers, OEMs, component manufacturers, and on-board service system developers (including navigation, high-precision maps, entertainment platforms , Office services, etc.) and so on. This also means that the host industry leading manufacturers will only occupy a small part of the industrial ecology, and will face from Google, Baidu, Apple and other industries outside the challenges of competitors.

   Automatic driving technology makes the car become a variety of Internet application services, intelligent carrier, because the Internet industry has a 'winner-take-all' characteristics, early entry through the development of the operating system, develop a variety of technical standards, to create their own dominant industrial ecosystem. Based on this logic, at this stage is not yet mature automatic driving field, as the Internet giants are eyeing the business development areas. In fact, Apple in 2013 and 2015 for the travel product development investment of up to 4.7 billion US dollars, beyond the same period the world's major 14 car companies R \u0026 D costs combined. Outsiders not only accelerated the automatic driving technology competition, more clearly convey the future industry will be the main battle of the service-oriented signal. Kearney management ABS Sensor consulting firm believes that the traditional car companies need to think about is how to speed up the progress of research and development to occupy the commanding heights of technology competition, which in the next 10 years to 20 years will usher in a new round of reshuffle industry dominance The

    Based on the breadth of large automatic driving ecosystem, specialization and fine division of labor will also become the inevitable trend of the industry. With the appearance, performance and hardware importance of the vehicle, the future of automobile manufacturing will be towards large-scale integrated production, manufacturers to automate the production line, standard automotive hardware specifications and large-scale production to reduce costs. On the other hand, the business model, which is based on a single trip, will enable the travel service platform to compete with the customized service for customer value. The emergence of brand service providers is possible. In addition, the Internet giants with capital size and technical advantages, is likely to evolve into a digital platform developers, and provide differentiated services. In fact, this industry evolution is not the first to take consumer electronics as an example: analog car manufacturers, Foxconn with precision machinery, the advantages of large-scale production, as well as the complete coverage of the product line to become the leader in consumer electronics manufacturing; Brand travel service providers, Dell and HP Throttle Position Sensor with consumer insight and brand marketing advantages, as PC brand representatives; analog system service providers, Apple Computer with iOS platform, advanced technology and applications, to subvert the pattern of the mobile phone industry, and the first Made advantages to obtain industry dominance, is still the consumer electronics industry system of leading enterprises.